C9A2 Light Machine Gun



The C9A2 light machine gun (LMG) is primarily used as an infantry support weapon. Equipped with an adjustable bipod, it is normally fired from the prone position and is solely capable of full automatic fire.

The C9A2 is air-cooled, gas-operated and equipped with a rotating bolt locking system. Designed with a dual feed system, it fires from a disintegrating link belt of 200 rounds. In emergencies, a 30-round rifle magazine can be used instead. The primary sighting system is an optical sight.

The C9A2 is an upgrade from the C9 and C9A1 LMGs. This upgrade provides

  • low infrared signature
  • a foldable and extendable 4-position butt
  • a cover with a longer rail mount and adjustable rear sight assembly
  • a short barrel assembly with folding handle can be used for close quarter battle

It can maintain a high sustained rate-of-fire due to its :

  • two interchangeable, quick-change barrels
  • disintegrating belt feed system
  • open breech firing system, which prevents cook-off
  • two (2) position gas regulator (normal and adverse), allowing the operator to maintain its rate of fire


  • Weight: 11.35 kg (with full ammo box, optical sight, sling)
  • Sustained rate of fire: 50 rounds per minute (short bursts)
  • Rapid rate of fire: 100 rounds per minute (short bursts)
  • Effective range: 600 m
  • Maximum range: 3,000 m


  • 5.56-mm x 45-mm ball cartridge
  • 5.56-mm x 45-mm linked cartridge
  • 5.56-mm x 45-mm tracer cartridge

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