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  1. Role

    The role of the Executive Committee of The Council of Honorary Colonels is to promote the welfare of Army Reserve units and to ensure their viability as an important component of the Canadian Armed Forces. The Executive Committee is a representative body on behalf of the Honorary Colonels within the Canadian Army Reserve. The Executive Committee members will ensure their Local Honoraries are consulted prior to and informed of the results of the Executive Committee meetings. Although not part of the chain of command the Executive Committee consults with the Commander of the Canadian Army (CCA) and provides advice to the Commander on matters pertaining to the Army Reserve and provides support to the Army and the Canadian Armed Forces in any way that it can.
  1. Composition

    The Executive Committee will consist of the following voting members as follows:

    - 3 representatives from each of the Canadian Divisions (Cdn Div).
    - Officers of the Executive Committee will consist of a Chair, a Vice-Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer
    (the secretary and treasurer positions may be combined)
    - Past Chair
    - HCol of the Army
    - 1 representative from the Colonel Commandants

    In addition to the voting members the Executive Committee will also include the following non-voting members:

    - Representative from Reserves 2000, the Canadian Rangers and the Health Services
    - Research Director

    And the following observers:

    - Chief of Staff, Land Reserves (COS Res)
    - Representatives from RCN and RCAF
  1. Cdn Div Representative Appointment Process

    The Honoraries of each Cdn Div will select their representatives locally on an as required basis either by proxy or during a Division Honorary Colonel Conference with a minimum quorum of fifty (50) percent. However at the time of appointment a representative must currently be a HCol or HLCol and served in one of those positions for at least one (1) year.
  1. Tenure

    Cdn Div Representatives may serve for a maximum of nine (9) years on the Executive Committee. Tenure may be extended to allow the Chair, Secretary or Treasurer to complete their current two (2) year term or to allow for emergency situations.
  1. Election of Officers

    A nominating committee be formed to consist of the Past Chairman and two members of the Executive Committee.

    The Chair and Vice-Chair of the Executive Committee will be elected by a vote of the members present or if a meeting is not possible through an electronic ballot (email) or such other method as approved by the members. Candidates must consent to serve before election.

    Efforts shall be made to rotate the position of Chair among the Divisions.

    The Secretary and the Treasurer are appointed by the Chair.
  1. Term of Office

    The term of office for all Officers of the Executive Committee is normally two (2) years, but may be extended for a further period of one year with the approval of the Executive Committee.

    The Secretary and Treasurer may serve more than one term to provide for continuity.
  1. Past Chair

    The Past Chair is a voting member of the Executive Committee. The Past Chair’s term shall coincide with the Chair’s term and the Past Chair shall not be required to be a serving HCol or HLCol during the term.
  1. Secretary

    The Secretary will take minutes of each meeting, including conference calls, and circulate copies to all members in English and French for approval.
  1. Treasurer

    The Treasurer shall prepare and submit an annual statement for approval by the members at the annual meeting of the Executive Committee.
  1. Meetings

    The Chair shall call a meeting of the Executive Committee at least once a year in coordination with the Commander of the Canadian Army (CCA) at a time and place convenient for all concerned. The Chair may call additional meetings as required. Meetings may be held by conference call or other electronic means and decisions confirmed by email.

    Travel authority and funding will be provided to serving Honoraries and the Past Chair as per existing DND policies. COS Army Reserve will be responsible to coordinate funding and meeting approvals.
  1. Quorum

    To achieve quorum at a meeting fifty (50) percent of the Cdn Div representatives and either the Chair or Vice-Chair must be in attendance. There must also be at least one representative from each Cdn Div present.
  1. Research Director

    The Chair in consultation with the members of the Executive Committee may appoint a Research Director who shall investigate situations and policies and prepare studies and papers as directed by the Executive Committee. The scope of this work will be limited by the financial resources of the Executive Committee.
  1. Fees

    In order to provide a small operating fund all new members of the Executive Committee may be asked to contribute $100.00 upon appointment to the Executive Committee as required.

    These Terms of Reference will enter into effect on the date of the final signature. It will remain in effect unless terminated by either party. Any amendments will be incorporated into the Terms of Reference and will be signed by both parties.


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