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Supported by a strong regional presence

28 Service points throughout Atlantic Canada.

Professional staff in tune with local needs.

Annual Budget of $300M.

Working on the ground in Atlantic Canadian communities to offer a customized flexible approach.

Targeted programs that strengthen local economies.

Business Development Program (BDP)

What it does: provides interest free capital to help businesses start up, expand or modernize at every stage of a company’s growth

Who it's for: private businesses and not-for-profit organizations, including clean tech and high growth firms

Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF)

What it does: invests in R&D that can lead to the commercialization of new cutting edge products and services

Who it's for: private-sector businesses and not-for-profit research groups like universities, colleges and non-government organizations

Innovative Communities Fund (ICF)

What it does: funds strategic projects with a rural focus that build on the strengths of Atlantic Canadian communities for economic growth

Who it's for: municipalities and not-for-profit organizations looking to strengthen their communities

Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program (CIP 150)

What it does: funds projects targeting the rehabilitation or improvement of existing community infrastructure

Who it's for: municipalities and community groups looking to undertake meaningful upgrades to existing facilities, including projects with a focus on green infrastructure

ACOA has a positive impact on Atlantic Canada

Each dollar invested directly into businesses through ACOA from 2008 to 2013 resulted in over $5.40 in gains to Atlantic Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP).

87% of business owners who participated in ACOA’s skills development activities said training improved their ability to start, sustain or grow a business.

The region’s GDP is nearly $1 billion higher because of the Agency’s programs and services.

Labour productivity among ACOA-assisted firms increased 5.3% per year on average.

We deliver on the Government of Canada's economic agenda through our initiatives:

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