Backgrounder: Government of Canada assists six life sciences companies with expansion, efficiencies, staffing and exports


October 20, 2023 · Halifax, Nova Scotia · Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA)

In addition to advancing medical innovations, life sciences companies across Nova Scotia attract international investment and create export opportunities that diversify our economy and create highly skilled jobs. The Government of Canada recognizes this potential and is investing $2,989,459 through ACOA’s Regional Economic Growth through Innovation (REGI) program to help six life sciences companies seize new growth opportunities through process improvements, testing, expansion and access to new markets.

Firms receiving repayable contributions are:

Adaptiiv Medical Technologies Incorporated This project will support the next phase of its product launch, which includes the implementation of a go-to market strategy for Adaptiiv on-Demand; a service that allows clinical teams to customize 3D- printed patient-specific radiotherapy accessories. The project also includes the expansion of the company’s sales staff, and clinical and technical specialists to support new product offerings, in-house manufacturing, and regulatory clearance. Specialized equipment and software will also be acquired to improve capabilities for testing, and to develop new products.  $963,164 Shawn Hunt
Daxsonics Ultrasound Incorporated This project will support a facility expansion to allow for increased manufacturing capability of ultrasound technologies. This support will help the company expand its ultrasound transducer manufacturing facility; purchase specialized equipment, including an advanced precision micromachining system, providing capabilities beyond what is available to the market; and hire four new people to support manufacturing targets. $725,910  Jeff Bethune
VP, Business Development and Operations
(902) 442-4665
NovaResp Technologies Incorporated This project will support two clinical tests designed to verify patient comfort and adherence to therapy while using cMAPTM (Continuous Monitoring of Airway Pressure) enabled CPAP machines. cMAP™ is a platform software, compatible to all major CPAP machines, that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning during positive airway pressure (PAP) therapy to predict and prevent episodes of apnea before they occur. $555,386 Hamed Hanafi
Founder and CEO
Sparrow Bioacoustics Incorporated This project will assist in hiring staff to gather and analyze critical data resulting from use of its Stethophone™ product, further develop its software and AI precision, and complete studies important for regulatory clearances. The Stethophone™ is the company’s proprietary audio technology that collects medical-grade cardiac and pulmonary data using smartphones to play a key role in early disease triage.   $504,624 Mark Opauszky
CEO and President
Allumiqs Corporation This project will assist the firm to prepare for a soft launch of its cutting-edge suite of products and solutions for biopharma, which includes sample prep kits, reagents (compounds for chemical analysis), and well-plates. These solutions will increase the company’s capacity to supply customers in the biopharmaceuticals market with higher output. Additional science and technology resources will also be hired for product development and to work with customers as they integrate these solutions into their workflows.   $140,625  Andrea Young
Corporate Communications
B-Line This project will help the firm to hire technical expertise needed to enter the United States market. The cloud-based software company will seek to market and sell its workplace management and health awareness platform that helps managers and employers prevent the spread of infectious diseases and COVID fatigue in the workplace through monitoring, contactless entry, and by collecting highly accurate location data that identifies possible chains of transmission. $99,750  Aaron Short
CEO, B-Line Technologies


Kevin Lemkay
Director of Communications
Office of the Minister of Rural Economic Development
and of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

Lauren Sinclair
Director of Communications
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

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