Description of graphic - organizational chart

This is an organizational chart that illustrates how the staff of a company may be organized. The name of the fictional company, ABC Company, is shown at the top of the chart. Under the name, there is a blue square with the name of the company’s President John Doe. Under the President, there are three blue squares indicating positions that report directly to the President, each with a name and title. The first on the left is the V.P. of Marketing John Smith; the second square in the middle is the V.P. of Finance and Administration Mary Brown; and the third on the right is the V.P. of Manufacturing Joe Jones. Under the V.P. of Marketing, two smaller blue squares represent the salespeople who report to the V.P. of Marketing. Each square is titled Salesperson 1 and Salesperson 2. Under the V.P. of Finance and Administration, two smaller blue squares represent the administrative assistant and bookkeeper. Under the V.P. of Manufacturing, a smaller blue square represents the foreman. Under the foreman, three smaller blue squares represent the plant workers who report to the foreman: plant worker 1, plant worker 2, and plant worker 3.

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