Step 4: Set up your Canadian federal electoral reform event

The day has come for your community dialogue on Canadian federal electoral reform. Depending on the size of event, you will want to allow yourself 15-90 minutes to prepare in advance of the actual start time. When setting up, you may wish to consider the following:

  • Prepare the room/space. Think about how the set-up of the space may influence how inclusive and safe participants feel.
  • Consider how you might make your event as inclusive and accessible as possible.
  • Set up a sign-in/registration table (if desired).
  • Set up and test all audiovisual equipment (if needed).
  • Prepare materials for any activities (e.g. paper, pens).
  • Prepare/set up refreshments.

Find additional tips and suggestions for successfully setting up and hosting dialogues in the Canadian federal electoral reform dialogue hosting guide.

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