The risk of floods

More floods are happening now than ever before — and they're getting more dangerous. See the numbers behind flooding in Canada.

It's more common than you think

It can be easy to think that you won't be affected by a flood, especially if you don't live near water. But floods can happen anywhere, anytime. If you're not taking steps to stay protected, your home, property, or life could be at risk if a flood hits.


TEXT ON SCREEN: Be Flood Ready: Impacts

Narrator: Did you know that Canadians are experiencing disasters such as floods more often now than ever before?

A flooded street with a recycling bin floating.

Narrator: Flooding in Canada has increased 300% since the 1960s and it is the most frequent natural disaster in Canada.

A flooded street with water flowing over several cars.

TEXT ON SCREEN: Flooding has increased 300% since the 1960's

A bridge with a river surging underneath, almost overflowing.

Narrator:  And they aren't just getting more frequent — they're getting more dangerous, too.

A map with Canada highlighted. Water droplets appear on the map to show where severe floods occurred.

Narrator: The five most destructive floods in Canadian history happened between 2010 and 2020, with yet another devastating flood hitting B.C. in fall 2021.

5 of the water droplets are brought to the front of the screen and change colour, as the map of Canada disappears from the background.

Narrator: But many Canadians still haven't taken steps to protect themselves or their properties.

The water droplets split, so now there are 10 of them in front of a white background. Two of them change colour to a lighter blue.

Narrator: 2 in 10 homes are at risk of flooding.

The droplets morph into the number 6%.  

Narrator: Only 6 percent of those homeowners are aware of it.

6 droplets appear one after the other beside the large "6%"

Narrator: No matter what part of the country you live in, flooding can happen to you.

A streetcar in a city, with heavy rain coming down.

A flooded residential community.

Narrator: Don't wait for the water. Find out your flood risk and take simple steps to prevent flooding from damaging your home.

TEXT ON SCREEN: Don't wait for the water!

Canada wordmark.

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