Roof and gutter protection

You can protect your property from roof-related flood damage with just a few easy actions.

Flood protection starts from the top

Flooding is inevitable. Fortunately, most flood damage caused by ice buildup, clogged eavestroughs and gutters, and heavy rain is preventable if you take these steps to get flood ready:


TEXT ON SCREEN: Be Flood Ready: Roof and Window Protection

Narrator: Flooding is inevitable. Fortunately, a lot of the damage it can cause isn't — if you're prepared.

TEXT ON SCREEN: 6 quick steps you can take to help make your roof and windows flood ready.

Narrator: Here are six quick steps you can take to make your roof and windows flood ready:

TEXT ON SCREEN: 1. Clear eavestroughs and gutters

Animation of someone cleaning leaves out of a gutter.

Narrator: Check your eavestroughs and gutters for any debris. You should do this regularly — gutter gunk can build up quickly!

TEXT ON SCREEN: 2. Check for ice dams

Animation showing a gutter, which suddenly has ice appear on it. Then a ladder slides into frame, and pans down to show that the gutter is up high.

Narrator: You should also check for ice dams, or ice buildup, in the winter months. And don't forget about safety! Ask a friend or hire a professional for help if you're working up high.

TEXT ON SCREEN: 3. Extend your downspouts

The screen is split in two animations, both showing a downspout that is not extended far enough from the house. The downspout on the right extends, until an arrow appears showing that it is 2 metres away from the house.

Narrator: Make sure downspouts extend at least 2 metres from your home. If they don't, you can buy an extension kit at your local hardware store.

TEXT ON SCREEN: 4. Set up a rain barrel

Animation showing water coming out of a downspout into a rain barrel.

Narrator: You can also set up a rain barrel to catch any runoff from your roof.

TEXT ON SCREEN: 5. Weather seal windows and doors

Animation of someone sealing a window.

Narrator: To prevent water from getting in, use sealant around all windows and beneath any ground-level doors.

TEXT ON SCREEN: 6. Install flood barriers

Animation of flood barriers being dropped into place in front of a house.

Narrator: You should add flood shields or barriers to basement windows and doors, too. Your roofs and windows can do a lot to protect you from the elements — if they're ready for it.

TEXT ON SCREEN: Taking simple steps now can save you time, money, and stress if there's a flood in your future.

Narrator: Taking simple steps now can save you time, money, and stress if there's a flood in your future.

TEXT ON SCREEN: Don't wait for the water!

Narrator: Don't wait for the water. Find out how you can act now to prevent flood damage later.

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