Improving Services for Victims of Crime in the Northwest Territories


The Department of Justice Canada is providing $3,75 million over five years to the Government of the Northwest Territories to support victims' access to services. The contribution includes:

  • Outreach Victim Services Program - $288,750 per year to enhance existing victim services programs that serve remote communities.
  • Canadian Victims Bill of Rights - $250,000 per year to undertake activities that support implementation of the Canadian Victims Bill of Rights including helping victims prepare impact statements, provide testimony and apply for restitution.
  • Victims of Crime Emergency Fund - $77,000 per year for the management of the Victims of Crime Emergency Fund, which provides emergency funding to victims to cover costs resulting from serious violent crimes.
  • Victims Services staff - $75,000 per year towards a half-time Manager, Crime Prevention, Policing, and Victim Services, and a full-time Victim Services Coordinator dedicated to implementing federal victim initiatives and advancing victim initiatives in the Territories.
  • Training and Publications - $59,250 per year to build the capacity and leadership of victim services providers through various training initiatives and to update all public education documents about victim services to reflect new best practices and legislative changes.

The contribution is made available through the Victims Fund, a grants and contributions program administered by the Department of Justice. Funds are made available each year to provinces, territories and non-governmental organizations whose projects and activities support the objectives of the Federal Victims Strategy.

The Victims Fund supports projects and activities that:

  • enhance victim assistance programs across Canada;
  • promote access to justice and participation in the justice system and the development of laws, policies, and programs;
  • promote the implementation of principles, guidelines, and laws designed to address the needs of victims of crime and articulate their role in the criminal justice system;
  • contribute to increased knowledge and awareness of the impact of victimization, the needs of victims of crime, available services, assistance and programs, and legislation; and
  • promote, encourage and/or enhance governmental and non-governmental organizations' involvement in the identification of victims' needs and gaps in services, as well as in the development and delivery of programs, services and assistance to victims, including capacity building within non-governmental organizations.

In 2016-17, the Fund will contribute more than $21 million to provincial and territorial governments and non-governmental organizations to increase awareness and knowledge of victim issues, legislation, and services available, as well as to develop and deliver victim programs, services, and assistance to meet gaps in services for victims of crime.

More information is available on the Department of Justice Canada's website.


December 2016
Department of Justice Canada

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