Supplementary reservists and the reporting of inventions

Supplementary reservists must report all inventions to the Department of National Defence (DND).

In February 2016, the Federal Court of Appeal ruled that a supplementary reservist is a “public servant” for the purposes of the Public Servants Inventions Act (PSIA).

If you make an invention during your 5 years in the Supplementary Reserves, you must report it. Your obligation applies if you make the invention:

Your reporting obligation supercedes any non-disclosure agreement between you and an employer.

Use Crown Form 1 (DOC, 39 KB) to report your invention.

DND will review your form and determine ownership based on the requirements of the PSIA. DND will formally report the vesting decision in writing to you and your supervisor (if applicable) within 3 months from the date we receive your form. You can appeal the decision to the Federal Court within 30 days of the date DND notifies you.

DND expects to receive 1-2 invention reports per year from supplementary reservists. From those reports, an extremely small percentage, if any, will likely vest in the Crown.

DND treats all invention reports as commercial-in-confidence information. They are accessed only on a need-to-know basis.

Supplementary reservist inventors are to forward their completed Form 1 (DOC, 39 KB) to:

Intellectual Property Manager
Director Materiel Policy and Procedures (DMPP 8)
National Defence Headquarters
Major General George R. Pearkes Building
101 Colonel By Dr
Ottawa ON  K1A 0K2

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