60 Seconds with Clearance Divers, S1 Desjardins and S1 Kozuch at last years' Op NANOOK-NUNALIVUT

Video / March 5, 2021


(JD) "What movie codes do you use on a regular basis?"

Not appropriate.

I'm Leading Seaman Jacob Desjardins from Fleet Diving, in the Pacific.

(LK) Hi, I'm Leading Seaman Luke Kozuch. I'm a Clearance Diver at Fleet Diving Unit Atlantic.

(JD) I'm here in Rankin Inlet for Op NANOOK-NUNALIVUT 2020.

(LK) And I'm doing the...

(JD) 60 Seconds...

(LK) Challenge. Here we go.

(JD) "What's the deepest dive you've ever done?"

(LK) 300 feet.

"What's the weirdest thing you ever saw while diving?"

(JD) Lots of bathtubs.

"If you ever get a magic power, which one would you choose?"

Hold your breath under water.

(LK) "On a scale of chilly to face freezing, how cold is it in Rankin Inlet?"

(JD) Face freezing.

(LK) "Whom do you admire most?"

Right now, I'd say my brother. Three young kids. Great dad.

(JD) "Where are those exotic places you ever dove?"

(LK) Bermuda, but it was a hall inspection and I didn't see anything.

"Top Gun or Black Hawk Down?"

(JD) Definitely Top Gun.

(LK) "What was your first job?"

(JD) Paperoute as a kid.

(LK) "How can you describe the water when diving in Rankin Inlet?"

(JD) Beautiful.

(LK) "If you weren't in your current profession, what would you want to do?"

(JD) Probably a baker.

(LK) "Toronto Maple Leafs or Montreal Canadiens?"

(JD) Montreal Canadiens.

(LK) "What's the biggest challenge you've ever faced?"

My Clearance Diver selection.

(W) Stop!

(LK) That's it!

(JD) That's done! That's all.

(LK) Thank you very much.

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