60 Seconds with Capt(N) Kelly Williamson and Christina Jutzi, Executive Committee members for Women in Defence and Security

Video / March 09th 2023


Capt(N) Williamson: Oh, gotta go.

Christina Juts: Go!

Capt(N) Williamson: Ah!

Capt(N) Williamson: Hey everybody, I'm Captain (Navy) Kelly Williamson.

Christina Jutzi: And I'm Christina Jutzi.

Capt(N) Williams: We're members of the WiDS Executive Committee.

Christina Jutzi: And we're here to do….

Christina Jutzi + Capt(N) Williamson: The 60 Seconds Challenge!

Christina Jutzi: Now we go!

Capt(N) Williamson: "What is WiDS?" WiDS is a community of members across the Defence and Security industry. And we're here to uplift and create opportunities for one another.

Christina Jutzi: "A woman who currently inspires me is…" All of the students that I've been meeting lately through the WiDS scholarship process. Also the Defence Team at DRDC. The future is bright.

Capt(N) Williamson: "What challenges remain for today's women?" I think, you know, there are a number of glass ceilings that remain to be broken. I think, you know, breaking glass ceilings and just holding the door open for those who come after… That's sort of the key.

Christina Jutzi: "Why did I join the Defence Team?" Well, I believe in public service and I want to ensure a safe Canada for my kids, and the Defence Team is a great place to do that.

Capt(N) Williamson: Amazing, this was easy. "How can someone join WiDS and get involved?" Super easy! We have a website, wids.ca. Go onboard and if you want to be part of our community, you're part of the community!

Christina Jutzi: "How does WiDS provide resources and support to women on the Defence Team?" We have a range of programming across our three strategic pillars: Creating connections, developing talent and recognizing excellence. And we provide resources and learning, growth opportunities for folks at all stages of their career.

Off-screen: That's it!

Capt(N) Williamson: That was a good answer! I love that.

Christina Jutzi: High five!

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