60 Seconds with LCol Craig Higgins, Commanding Officer of the Enhanced Force Presence Battle Group Latvia on Op REASSURANCE

Video / May 04th 2023


LCol Craig Higgins: "Why did you join the CAF?" I grew up idolizing my grandfather who fought in World War II, and I wanted a challenging and tough career, and I definitely found it here in the CAF.

LCol Craig Higgins: Ok, good morning. My name is Lieutenant Colonel Craig Higgins. I'm an Infantry Officer with Princess Patricia's Canada Light Infantry. I'm the Commanding Officer of the Enhanced Force Presence Battle Group here in Latvia. And I'm here today to take the 60 Second challenge.

"What is the Canadian-led NATO Enhanced Force Battle Group in Latvia?" So, it's a Battle Group here in Latvia under NATO, here to defend Latvia, reassure our allies, and deter Russia and Her allies.

"What does leadership mean to you?" To me, leadership is the honour and privilege to lead our soldiers and can only be done through leadership from the front.

"What CAF elements compose the Battle Group?" So, we're formed around 1 PPCLI, my battalion from Edmonton. And we're comprised of about 450 members from the Combat Arms and Support Arms.

"What's been your favourite memory so far during your deployment?" Definitely working with our NATO allies. Getting to try out their vehicles and fire their weapons.

"How do you work with our NATO partners and allies during this deployment?" I mean, we've got 10 different countries here, 10 different languages. So, it all comes down to teamwork, and just having the will and drive to improvise, adapt, and overcome the challenges.

"What are some of the other key exercises and events happening this year during the deployment to Latvia?" So, we do a series of readiness exercises building up to Exercise CRYSTAL ARROW. And then a number of other exercises working with the Latvians and the other Enhanced Forward Presence Battle Groups here in Europe.

That's 60 seconds from Lieutenant Colonel Craig Higgins here in Latvia.

LCol Craig Higgins
Commanding Officer, Enhanced Forward Battle Group Latvia

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