CAF Story | Human Resources Administrator by Day, Professional Bodybuilder by Night


Video / April 20, 2018

There’s no limit to how strong or how fast or how fit you can get. To know that there is no limit means that there’s no need to stop.

So, I’m an IFBB Pro, it’s an International Federation of Body Building Professional. It was actually on tour that I first started getting into fitness in any kind of serious way. When I first joined the military I was not in shape at all. When I went overseas they started a CrossFit club. It was just really exciting to be able to perform these things I never thought I would, these feats of strength. That’s when the switch flipped.

When I returned from my tour in Afghanistan, my personal trainer at the time was the one that recommended that I start competing. When I first stepped on stage with the competition, I fell in love.

I’m Master Corporal Michele Steeves, I’m a Human Resources Administrator with the Canadian Armed Forces. It’s very challenging; it’s a very diverse trade. I really enjoy my current job because I get to deal directly with people. People come to me with questions or problems and it’s my job to try to help them resolve those problems.

Without challenge, I think that you stagnate. If you don’t have something challenging you, if you don’t have a ceiling to rise to and then break that ceiling and go to the next ceiling, you almost kind of lose the point of life, which is to constantly grow and change. It takes a lot of discipline to be in my sport and it takes a lot of discipline to be in the Canadian Forces.

If you have a passion, you’ll find a way to make it work.

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