DT News Interview: LCdr Drew Foran on the first three naval deployments of 2022

Video / February 9, 2022


(GG) Three Royal Canadian Navy ships recently departed Halifax, Nova Scotia, for the first naval deployments of 2022. HMCS Montréal deployed on January 19th as part of Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 on operation REASSURANCE. HMCS Goose Bay and Moncton departed the following day sailing southward for operation PROJECTION West Africa. Today, we're joined by lieutenant commander Drew Foran, former commanding officer of the HMCS Oriole and now the senior staff officer future expeditionary operations. He'll be telling us more about these first deployments of 2022. Thanks for joining us today, sir. Can you tell us about what tasks lie ahead for HMCS Montréal, Goose Bay and Moncton on their respective deployments?

(DF) Primarily, they are two different missions. Montréal is going to be deployed to the European Theater of Operations and joining the Standing NATO Maritime Group, which is a maritime reaction force established for NATO. Montréal's gonna be working with other Allies' ships from the Alliance. And primarily they're gonna be working in assurance and deterrence measures in the European Theater of Operations. Goose Bay and Moncton are deploying to the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa. They're gonna be working with the US lead capacity building exercise called Obangame Express 22, where they're gonna be working with regional partners to exchange information about how to conduct maritime security.

(GG) And what does deploying three ships in the same week say about Maritime Forces Atlantic strengths in deploying Canadian assets?

(DF) It takes a whole formation to deploy ships. It's not a simple task to do. It takes a lot of different entities. I think it just speaks of the flexibility and the resilience of the formation here in maritime forces in the Atlantic, with three ships out the door in a relatively short order with the continuous complications the COVID-19 pandemic causes. So, it's a lot to a formation.

(GG) What precautions were taken against COVID-19?

(DF) Well, the safety of the sailors is paramount. So there is a precaution as simple as increase screening routines on ship. And they go so far as screen embarkation protocol. So, before the sailors embark, there are policies in place to make sure that they limited exposure to COVID before they get on ships and make sure as best we can to prevent the spread of COVID throughout the crews.

(GG) And is there anything else you'd like to add?

(DF) Certainly! Just that the deployment of these three ships marks the beginning of a new year for all the Canadian Navy. And it shows our flexibility and our ability to continue executing our missions despite the COVID-19 pandemic imposing some complications. So, the Navy is still doing the business that we're here to do.

(GG) Great! And I just want to thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us today.

(DF) Thank you.

(GG) Thank you.

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