Defence Team News: Exercise PRECISE RESPONSE 22

Video / August 10, 2022


Genevieve Germano: Exercise PRECISE RESPONSE, an annual NATO chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear training exercise, recently took place at CFB Suffield. Today, we're joined by Major Christian Lepage, Exercise Director, and Lieutenant Colonel Hugh Atwell, Associate Centre Director. We are also joined by Colonel Doctor Dirk Steinritz, from the German Armed Forces and Lieutenant Colonel Shaun Carmody, from the United States Armed Forces.

Major Lepage: So, what we are trying to do here is to expose the CBRN specialists and non-CBRN specialists to worldwide situations that they could face. Either back in their country, as first responders, or directly to support an event that happens in their country, or into a context or the alliance employment. So, we're having chemical scenarios, biological scenarios, radiological scenarios, that are realistic, tough, complex. And the more complex they are, depending on the readiness level of those countries… The more complex they are, the easier it will be later if they are to be employed in a real context. Tasks: Sampling and identification, forensics, EOD, going to a scenario where they could have a dirty bomb, and trying to render safe and go back in the safe zone.

LCol Shaun Camody: So our role here is largely the same as all the other nations, and that's to build interoperability. As you can imagine, in our field of countering weapons of mass destruction, it's a very technical set of skills that we all work towards building. But it's essential for us in environments like this to work together to not only share different TTPs: Tactics, techniques and procedures, but also a common language for how we describe things. And so, that's an essential part our role here.

Col Dr Dirk Steinritz: We want to bring medical capabilities into an original CBRN mission. So, we want to make it our joint mission. See, we want to give confidence to all soldiers on the ground, that if something unexpected is going to happen. So the medical service of whatever nation is on stage to provide medical care at highest stage.

LCol Hugh Atwell: So here, we have an extreme concentration of experts in chemical, biological Defence research. And it's those same personnel that are used to support the training. So right here, we are marrying up the experts in these types of substances and technologies with the operators who work out in the field to deal with the threat.

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