The CAF Offer Internet Guide

Video / February 02 2023


The CAF Offer Internet Guide

Every day, as part of a diverse and inclusive team, you bring to work values and skills that make the Canadian Armed Forces stronger:

A fighting spirit in a culture of Service Before Self,

A commitment to discipline, teamwork, inclusiveness, and physical fitness,

A dedication to duty, integrity, and courage .

Your dedicated service is a testimony to your unwavering loyalty to Canada.

The Canadian Armed Forces recognizes the unique contributions made by you as members of the Profession of Arms to Canada, the conditions under which you serve, and the impact of service life on each of you and your families.

To ensure that you, a valuable member of the Canadian Armed Forces, and your family, are appropriately recognized for your contribution to the Nation, and to enable and enhance your Journey, we introduce the CAF Offer.

The CAF Offer is our Value Proposition that contains a comprehensive suite of policies and programs that are designed to motivate, engage, and inspire, and which will remain relevant into the future. The CAF Offer recognizes the unique contributions you make to the defence and security of Canada,

The CAF Offer positions the Canadian Armed Forces to attract and retain talented Canadians through fair and equitable practices, so together, we will achieve our mission.

The CAF Offer is flexible and agile and thus is able to adjust, ensuring members’ needs are met.

To help you and your family navigate the CAF Offer, a new user-friendly Internet Guide provides a single Internet portal with easy-to-use navigation tabs from which you can access the most recent open-source information on Compensation, Benefits, Career, and Work-Life Balance within the CAF Offer:

Equitable performance-based compensation in return for your service; 

A wide array of benefits to support you and your family in all aspects of your military service;

Opportunities to personally and professionally develop and progress in your chosen career; and

A multitude of Programs and services to support your healthy work-life.

As a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, your respect for the dignity of all, your selfless service to Canada, and your desire to be part of an inclusive and dynamic force is recognized and appreciated through the CAF Offer.

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