DM/CDS holiday card contest winner announced!

December 11, 2019 - Defence Stories


Isabelle Lacasse (11): My artwork is about a soldier coming home to his little girl that he hasn't seen since birth and surprising her with a present.

In November, Deputy Minister (DM) Jody Thomas and Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) General Jonathan Vance kicked off their annual contest for the design of their holiday greeting card.

It was a difficult decision to make, but the DM and CDS are happy to announce that 11 year-old Isabelle Lacasse, is this year’s winner of the holiday card contest. Her mother is a member of the Defence Team at Canadian Forces Base Suffield. Congratulations Isabelle!

A special thank you to all of the children for the beautiful artwork they sent in. We received a record number of pictures this year. With so many creative submissions, picking just one was a challenge.

Take a look at the gallery below to see all of the entries we received.

Image gallery

  • Alyanna Stokes (Age 7): Rudolf is getting ready to deliver presents with Santa especially for kids that will not have moms and dads and grandparents for Christmas! Aly is currently battling Leukemia. Art has helped her through. She is a warrior!
  • Owin Ross (Age 11): The USA, Canadian and British military coming together under NATO to assist fellow countries in their time at needs. Deploying militart all over the world to assisst in training and combat bring water and health care needs.
  • Calvin Bell (Age 6): My daddy keeps Canada safe. He rides in a (LAV) tank. He talks to his friends by sattelite and they work together to keep Canada safe.
  • Cassandra Palermo (Age 12): The CF18 figther jets are tracking down Santa's seigh as it leaves to deliver presents to children.
  • Danika Couturier (Age 6): Members take on great responsibilities. Thanks to this, they save the world.
  • Hannah Toulman (Age 7): They teach us to work together to help people like Santa and his elves.
  • Lilirose Lalonde (Age 9): More than anything else, members of the Canadian Armed Forces want to bring peace to all the children in the world, here and elsewhere.
  • Max Morris (Age 7): Santa jumping out of their helicopter with Daddy to save people at Christmas time.
  • Miliana Rego (Age 10): Canadian Military Police officer and a canadian military medical officer helping the children of Haiti on the UN peackeeping mission and bringing them gifts for Christmas.
  • Olivia Chen (Age 12): A mother finally coming home to her daughter and her family for christmas, after a long trip.
  • Roxanne Turcotte (Age 11): As he was placing gifts under the tree in the last house, Santa Claus got stuck in the chimney because he had eaten too many chocolate chip cookies. Santa’s helper called the 450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron and members arrived by Chinook to help Santa get out of the chimney, allowing him to finish delivering the Christmas gifts.
  • Serenity Stout (Age 12): A soldier is sharpening his skills on a  range to prepare to go on a mission.
  • Sienna Evans (Age 12): This is Santa Clause giving out care gifts to soldiers that are away from home.
  • Ava Scott (Age 6): The Soldiers are helping clean up after a big flood. The people are very happy!
  • Sterling Moulton (Age 7): Bringing joy to the world!
  • Adelaide Gorman (Age 9): The Ottawa river flooded in 2019. The military came to help and the houses that were saved can have Christmas this year.
  • Adelle Hircock (Age 8): Canadian Armed Forces celebrating Christmas away from home and loved one. Brave men and women spend their lives making Canada and the world a safer place. The new CSC ships and cyclones will help the Canadian Armed Forces protect Canada.
  • Analee Quirion (Age 11): Santa Claus discovers the Alert military base in the North Pole. The Canadian Army protects Santa Claus.
  • Anabelle Cadeau (Age 8): My dad and the military helping with the BC wildfires.
  • Anthony Lacasse (Age 10): My picture is a soldier getting home and helping his son put the star on the christmas tree. Soldiers are normal people who work hard to keep us safe but always hope to come home to their loved ones.
  • Ariane Brault (Age 9): Our Defence members team give a lot of joy and happiness by giving food and presnts to poor people. They give them love and support. It is the most important thing (love) in the world so this is why being soldier is one of the most beautiful jobs ever.
  • Arthur Moulton (Age 9): solider clause is putting presents under the tree.
  • Astra Stout (Age 8): Canada search and rescue team saving people trapped in the mountains.
  • Aubrey Elliott (Age 5) I was looking for my sandwich, it was too bright and then it blew away. I was very hungry.
  • Aurelie St-Maurice (Age 10): The air force team drops food, clothes and first-aid kits to help the poor.
  • Ava Baldwin (Age 8): It's Christmas there is a flood and sand bags and there's a christmas tree there helping get rid of the flood.
  • Avery Cadeau (Age 5): The army navy and airforce helping an injured soldier.
  • Boston Palermo (8): A Canadian Armed forces member thinks of santa after loading gifts and a christmas tree into the back of a truck destined for children in need.
  • Brady Hetherington (9): Some ambulance are helping out the man and taking him back.
  • Brett Hetherington (11): The tree represents Canada and the soldiers are protecting the country.
  • Brooke Bolton (8): Children like me are able to have safe and happy holidays because of our military and defence team.
  • Brooke Ferreri (5): I have santa on my picture. I love the holidays and the snowflakes.
  • Busayo Olafemi (9): Helping people that don't have money to buy gifts and bring a christmas tree to help.
  • Cadence Berthiaume (10): There is a soldier helping a lady in a flood get to safety.
  • Cameron Hopkinson (5): It's Santa Claus sitting between two Christmas Trees. Giving flower and love.
  • Camille Beauchesne (9): My artwork represents the earth and people who are moving to the place where Santa Claus is going on a mission.
  • Camille Dube (5): My christmas tree is magical and protects our military people because the Military people protect us always. Thank You for that and Merry Christmas!
  • Carson Read (9): The Army is saving santa from falling so he can deliver his presents in time for the children.
  • Catherine Asseline (9): Rudolf is saved from the drowing by the search and rescue technicians from CFB Trenton.
  • Ceilidh Berthiaume (7): Soliders helping people evacuate from a forest fire.
  • Charley Leblanc (7): The military people are waiting for Santa to come so they can guide him and help him hand out presents. Rudolph is helping guide Santa's sleigh as well.
  • Chloe Friolet (11): Santa Claus jumps out of a helicopter and lands in the chimney.
  • CJ Walpole (9): In the picture I made santa get trapped by an avalanche so the air force is coming to save him. My Dad is the second one with a parachute closest to Santa.
  • Clive Ross (11): Santa is using excellent use of cover while observing cookies because hes suspicious its trapped or rigged.
  • Dakota Palermo (9): The military giving presents to kids and adults. There is a helicopter that is dropping down presents and giving toy to all the kids there is also a christmas tree one of the military girls are catching presents and placing them down nicely.
  • Elsie Willis (5): A Christmas tree!
  • Ember Walpole (7): In this picture is a military man rescuing two people who got stuck on the roof of a house in the north when flood water rose.
  • Emerson Antonew (5): He's giving out gifts to boys and girls. He's bringing the gifts to Alberta, Nova Scotia and Canada, and Emerson world!
  • Emily Fisher (4): Military guy with christmas tree giving out presents.
  • Emily Jane Laing (10): Soldier helps elves bring Christmas joy.
  • Emma Kendall (11): My uncle Matt is in the army. He feeds people who are hungry in third world countries. This is a picture of him helping people at Christmas.
  • Emma Lavoie (8): Every day, members of the CAF help ensure Canada’s safety, both nationally and internationally. Christmas Day is no exception: Canadian members with NORAD escort Santa Claus while he delivers gifts.
  • Emma Murray (10): My artwork shows the navys ship with an airforce helicopter landing on it. One guy is putting gifts under the tree and Santa is in the command post. They are helping to spread holiday cheer. And Don't forget the snowman.
  • Emick Turcotte: Santa Claus and his sleigh got stuck in the snow. Santa Claus had to call on the RCD – The Royal Canadian Dragoons – to help him climb the huge mountain and deliver gifts on top of the mountain. Members also helped Santa Claus dig his sleigh out of the snow so that he could go back to the North Pole.
  • Evan Makus (9): It is a earth and a army person saving a kid and making his day.
  • Fallyn Conway (6): I thought of this idea because it shows a soldier and it can be related to Christmas. The soldier is helping another solider and you see him through a wreath. The flags show the different countries the soldier has been to. Also the flag show soldiers have died in many places.
  • Gavin Conway (10): I chose this design because I thought, hey why not make an armored vehicle that's a LAV.
  • Genevieve O'Connell (7): This is a picture of Santa delivering canned food to the military people. Every year the military people donate food to the food bank at christmas time.
  • Grace James (9): Canadian soldiers bringing presents to children of troops deployed overseas.
  • Hill Clarke (7): Merry Christmas to soldiers everywhere!
  • Holly Nash (10): On christmas, the soldiers run up into there ship to go to other countrys to spread their family. Once they arrive these kids wait patiently on the deck. The stars ligh up the night.
  • Isabelle May (12): Defence Team members help keep peace on our planet and try to stop the bad people and things on our planet as well.
  • Isaac Trahan (6): This picture is showing a Canadian forces member helping santa and his elves. The member is protection Santa so all the gifts can be delivered.
  • Jesse Varoy (5): The guys are parachuting and the guy is Daddy lifting someone up to the helicopter. The guys on the ground are sad because they are lost and hurt. And the flag is waving to say GO Canada! Go Canada!
  • Joshua Guy (8): This artwork is showing the Defence team giving to the poor.
  • Julie Levac (10): For my artwork I drew a house with windows and a christmas tree and there I drew presents under the christmas tree and a story and ornaments and after that I drew snow flakes.
  • Kailynne (5): A snowman in the snow.
  • Katelyn Godsell (10): I thoot that I could caption the terriballe fluds this year. The military was ready to responde to climat chage. Bot I added somme christmas decorations to the picture for christmas.
  • Kayla Doyon (8): Santa Claus is holding his sleigh, ready to deliver gifts to the children who have been good.
  • Kiril Kravtsova (8): I drew santa and a soldier waveing at Santa.
  • Laelynn Perrault (10): My artwork has a BV206 at Alert with a Rudolph driving and Santa relaxing. Also in the second part of the vehicle has all of santas presents he needs to deliver and also Santa is just staring at the sun setting.
  • Lana Read (11): A hurricane was coming to wipe out the city. The military quickly reacted and flew there in one of the rescue helicopters and filled bags with sand them out it all along the seashore and made everybody happy. Now they can have a nice Christmas with nothing to worry about all night long.
  • Lara Boisvenue (6): Soldiers help protect the North.
  • Lauren Heer (12): On the left hand corner I dew a daily dad coming home to see his son on christmas. On the right hand side I drew an army mom coming home to see her daughter on Christmas day. I also drew the air force dorpping off all the presents to all the military children.
  • Lea Goudreault (12): The holiday season.
  • Leanne St-Maurice (9): Military going to support fire fighters and helping through forest fires. The army helps for forest fires. It makes me feel like what happened in Alberta. In christmas time things could happen! The army is here to help!
  • Lillée Fournier (9):  Home with family for the holidays.
  • Lincoln Read (9): Our military members protect us from foreign object (even from Pacman ha! Ha!)
  • Logan Robertson (10): Bringing peace to our country and keeping us safe!
  • Logan Cote (9): Merry Christmas!
  • Lola Clark (10): The military family of helping hands is beatifying the community and spreading christmas joy. Happiness and peace are all around the world, thanks to the military.
  • Luca Anderson (6): The Defence team members make a difference by helping people around the world fix their homes and bringing them food and water.
  • L MacDonal-Quig (11): In my photo the rescue squad is helping santa who has crashed his sleigh. It's the middle of the night and you can see the Milky way and some of the northern light too.
  • Maddox Gates (7): Santa.
  • Madison Evans (10): This drawing is all abouy all the soldiers that protected Canada and that sacrificed their life for us. So every November 11 we go to Remembrance Day to remember all the people that we have lost in the wars.
  • Makayla McCool (5): Santa Claus and his reindeer delivering presents to all the little boys and girls on Christmas eve.
  • Malina Makus (11): They are military people that are away from home during the holidays and they are helping this girl who is in a bad place.
  • Marie-Soleil Laporte (10): Scenes representing the military always being ready to help the people. Their commitment is admirable and the people recognize it. Good times at the holidays with family.
  • Marika Pelletier (5): An apple tree two candys cane, a cutie (the face in the middle). Lots and lots of snow balls. Two hearts for the girly touch.
  • Mia Tauzovic (8): The soldiers filled sand bags to help the flood close to my house.
  • Milliana Rego (10): Canadian Military Police officer and a canadian military medical officer helping the children of Haiti on the UN peackeeping mission and bringing them gifts for Christmas.
  • Millie Goldade (12): Soliders go out of their way to help our country. They leave the comfort of their homes and families to go to unfamiliar scary places just to protect us. Even during holidays they sacrifice time with their loved ones.
  • Natalie Yandon (9): A girl and her snowman playing a snowball game where you throw the balls at the same time and try to catch them everyhwere.
  • Nate Crytes (8): There is a solger saving sum wun from a brenning hasse.
  • Nathan Bourgeois (9): Christmas squirrel holding a golden acorn.
  • Nicholas Liu (12): The artwork shows Santa Clause holding a gun that shoots peace/christmas symbols. Santa, the candy cane and the christmas decorations represent christmas. The gun, the maple leaf, the poppy, the peace sign and the pigeon represent peace.
  • Noah Leblanc (8): The military insure we can have a good xmas in peace in family Thank you to all the CAF members.
  • Olivia Fisher (6): Military guy with christmas rainbow and trees.
  • Olivia Montgomery (7): Santa.
  • Quinn Palermo (5): CAF members help decorate a Christmas tree.
  • Reeghan Robichaud (11): My artwork is about that on one side you see my mother. Yeah she helps our defence team members feel better so they can help us! My dad and his crew well sometimes go on a boat. But his crew always help people or places that are in danger.
  • Robert Liu (8): I drew 2 tanks with christmas hats, a christmas tree with a star on it and a present under it. I also drew an airplane for war with a christmas hat on it.
  • Roxanne Turcotte (11): As he was placing gifts under the tree in the last house, Santa Claus got stuck in the chimney because he had eaten too many chocolate chip cookies. Santa’s helper called the 450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron and members arrived by Chinook to help Santa get out of the chimney, allowing him to finish delivering the Christmas gifts.
  • Ruby Lee (9): This is a drawing of a Canadian soldier dressed as Santa in a tank taking on a bad guy trying to hurt a Canadian in the desert.
  • Rylee Miller (4): This is when the Canadain Armed forces came to Constance bay, where I live, and helped with the flooding.
  • Sarah Quirion (8): The military help Santa Claus deliver gifts to children around the world.
  • Stella Desjardins (9): Military helping families in need during the flooding.
  • Swamy Likithia (11): The boy who was building a snowman ran towards the military woman to get the present she is giving him. A man dressed as Santa who is also from the military peeking out from behind the christmas tree.
  • Thalie Beauchesne (10): My artwork shows Santa Claus. Underneath, there is a member and a Christmas tree symbolizing Christmas, and the character on the planet represents members leaving on a mission.
  • Vesper Ross (9): My art work is Santa taking the naugthy bad guys by surprise and at the same time he is giving presents to the good children.
  • Victoria Levac (10): Christmas Night.
  • Victoria Quirion (5): A gingerbread member.
  • Vivian Carello (7): Cismitee (Christmas tree) and a elf and santa.
  • William Turcotte: Santa Claus’s sleigh crashed and one of its skis broke. All the reindeer fled. After that, members came by Chinook to help Santa Claus get to each and every house to deliver the gifts.
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