June 30: Defence Team “Virtual Shout-Out” Bulletin Board

June 30, 2020 – Defence Stories

What better way to acknowledge a colleague’s contribution than by leaving them a “Virtual Shout-Out”? Your Virtual Shout-out will be featured in the Bulletin Board below, along with Defence Team members who have received acknowledgement from their colleagues.

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June 30, 2020

Super shout out to my IM Proc colleagues Festus Abitoye, Yevgeniy Kozlov and Jawwad Rashid. Procurement is usually a tough slog but it can be a great experience if you have three professionals like these. Advice, recommendations, responsiveness and a ton of support. Can't say enough about how helpful they are. It is a pleasure to be able to work with this outstanding team. - Poewan Lau

Mark Bartley has such a vast experience and has nurtured my career, his previous military service has been instrumental in forming strategies for dealing with all problems.  He is such a huge enabler of the Air Force and continues to be called upon for his expertise across the country, while remaining so humble. Mark I couldn’t do it without you – Eric Belrose, Lt

Cathy Bennett is THE CLERK. Cathy has a positive attitude and her energy level is beyond compare. As the administrative backbone of DGCB, Cathy has been working with poor connections and limited bandwidth to access the systems needed to keep our unit operating smoothly in the background. Cathy is the epitome of a solid and trusted public servant whose contribution to the overall effort is truly worthy of recognition. Bravo Zulu Cathy. - Maj N. Bolt

Mike Bowry is a strong confident leader who has represented the Public Service very well. I have handled some issues with personnel and he has been our union rep for these matters. Though I don’t often deal with him directly I’m grateful for his support, and experience. Thank you Mike – Lt Eric Belrose

Jen Brooks is an amazing person, a brilliant soul, and pretty much at the core of the unit. She is ATESS. She is fast with the answers, and I’m not even sure she is technically human. But we are lucky to have her. Thank you Jen, so much I don’t know that anyone doesn’t feel the same – Lt Eric Belrose

Kathy Chatten is our procurement wizard, who has built me an empire of resources and continues to strengthen ATESS. I cannot survive without her expertise and am so grateful for everything she does. Kathy you have literally saved us thousands, thank you for your vigilance – Lt Eric Belrose

Maria Correa is a brilliant, sweet, kind person, and I have only had a few interactions with her. I can say with certainty that she may be one of the most brilliant people I know and I am fairly blessed.  In addition to overseeing some complex drone projects at ATESS, I can say that we learned PRINCE2 together, and her contributions were always well thought out. Most importantly to me personally is that when I asked her about some magnetism stuff for my daughters, she answered without hesitation and made me think, and magnetism has always been a secret love of mine. I am so proud to have her in the ATESS team and can’t wait for the opportunity to work with her again. Thank you Maria – Lt Eric Belrose

Mark Dalliday works in the Finance Team at DDRMIS and without his positive energy and enthusiasm, the team wouldn’t be the same. Mark brings a happy and friendly demeanor to the team and is always willing to help where he can. He loves to be challenged and takes a lot of pride in his work. Even though Mark is relatively new to DND and DDRMIS, his future is bright and I know his work ethic will take him far in his career. Welcome to the team!! - Shelley Baran

I would like to thank Janie Dubé for the support she’s provided to the entire Supply Team. Janie is an incredible supervisor who works tirelessly to ensure that the Sup team is always well informed. She always has a positive attitude when faced with difficult situations and demonstrates an open-door mentality for all members of our team. Her availability, motivation and attention to detail always make us want to go above and beyond and be the best we can be. A huge thank you, Janie, for your understanding and confidence during this difficult time! – Denise Bernier-Pineault

Johanna Eberle has been instrumental in helping me learn my responsibilities as a newly delegated officer and understand staffing. She has been unrelenting in her assistance every time I call her regardless of the issue. She has directed me and guided me and I am better for having served with her. Thank you Johanna, I really appreciate all the help you’ve given me – Lt Eric Belrose

Carol Kent is our financial guru, and there is no penny she leaves unturned in her pursuit of accountability, it has been an honour to learn and develop my skills under her expertise. There are no words to say how she has helped me, and how much I appreciate it. Your wisdom is appreciated thank you Carol – Lt Eric Belrose

Sarah Lacombe – You have been an incredible wealth of knowledge and support for members of 23 CF H Svcs C. Your dedication to the job, the team and getting things done right is an example for all of us to emulate. Thank you for quite, yet strong leadership and being the steady rocks that continues to keep many elements of the unit together. – 23 CF H Svcs C Command Team

Laura McCrate has been my faithful partner in ensuring that all the voyages my team takes are well managed. She serves everyone selflessly and at times it seems she is planning vacations with the level at which she involves herself to ensure that personnel understand their entitlements and limitations. Thank you Laura you’ve saved us so many times – Lt Eric Belrose

Shawn McLennan may well be our best kept secret at ATESS, she administers our Health and Safety Committee, and though she is not often outspoken, her contributions especially in these times of COVID-19 are extremely well researched and comprehensive. I can count on her excellent revision any time I send documentation, and she acts as our unit librarian in a way that is renowned throughout the unit, it is no small feat. Thank you for all you do Shawn – Lt Eric Belrose

Paul Murdoch has the demeanour of a statesman, and he is an example of who I would like to become as I find my own maturity, (despite my age being such that I should perhaps already be as mature as he is). But he has integrated a european project management system into ATESS and it is a significant effort and change is almost never well received, but he is filling a void in ATESS that will result in productivity increases for years to come. I am proud to be on his team, and I hope we can emerge from this effort victorious. Thank you Paul – Lt Eric Belrose

Thrilled to hear of your Chief of Defence Staff Distinguished Achievement Award, Raewen Pappas. Very well deserved and sincerest congratulations on your success. Your dedication and hard work on the CDCB Program is immensely appreciated—Jane Hall

Thank you to Stacey Payne and Scott D’Eon for always answering the call to produce high quality and creative imaging and design products to showcase the capabilities and talents of our people.  You two are always beaming with positivity and excel remarkably at what you do – pressing the limits to brand ATESS in a positive light!  Even amidst the chaos that has been the COVID pandemic, you two have been instrumental in moving our essential projects forward, notwithstanding your efforts with the business resumption plan and work place health and safety committee.  I’m so privileged to be working alongside you two – keep it up! - Maj Barry Tang

Bravo to the public servant of DLCSPM 4-6 composed of Dave Rowland’s, Pierre Gaudreault and Shane Tighe for their positive and professional attitude.  I joined DLCSPM last summer and they quickly made me welcome and useful in their team. The moral they foster in the team is phenomenal and I will miss that in my future postings.  They also achieve above and beyond what we can expect, and with a smile.  Even with the extra requirements that the Covid-19 imposed on all of us, they excel at supporting deployed Geomatics operations across the country and beyond.  I wanted to formally recognize them because these three persons are the best public servants I ever had the pleasure to work with. - MWO Philippe Blanchet

Haley Schroeder – Your resilience and willingness to step up and be there for your team is inspiring. You’ve taken anything that has come your way and dealt with it in a calm and effective manner. You’re a capable and effective leader and we’re grateful for your dedication, determination and poise, especially what the last 3 months of COVID-19 have brought. Keep up the amazing work and know that it is very much recognized and appreciated. – 23 CF H Svcs C Command Team

Lisa Shears has stepped up in her new role and discharged the duties from day one. She is still giving her 100% and showing her excellent work ethics and capabilities. I wish to give her a shout out from Telecom flight here in Trenton. Thank you! - Capt Yugender Tatavarthy

Many thanks to Franck Sirieix and Julie Fortin of the Saint-Jean Garrison Environment Team for their dedication! The excellent service provided to clients and your determination to protect the environment on behalf of National Defence is remarkable! Your presence and your contribution, day after day, are greatly appreciated! - Éric Charbonneau

Julie Situ works in the Funds Management module in DDRMIS and is a huge contributor to the team’s successes. She is very dedicated to her job and is always willing to go the extra mile. She does a great job at providing knowledge transfer to the newer members of the team and offering help when someone is struggling. Her strong analytical thinking and attention to detail is crucial for successfully delivering SAP changes to our Finance clients. We are so lucky to have Julie in the DDRMIS Finance team. Keep up the Great Work!! - Shelley Baran

Michael Speilmacher has helped keep our REDDs system running at ATESS while his predecessor is being replaced. It is no small feat and his team and him are models for the selfless excellence that I can say is my familiar experience with most public servants. Mike is doing so much, with so little in keeping the system going, adjusting to security and change requirements. It is amazing to watch him at work. Thank you Mike – Lt Eric Belrose

Bevin Stephenson has been to some extent a friend now as much as a colleague, she and I discuss software solutions frequently, and it is because of our relationship that my stress levels are where they are (I mean that in a good way). It is so fantastic to work with her and her commitment to public servants and the health and safety committee are often at her own mental expense.  If I could give a power-up to any organization, Bevin would be part of that model.  Thank you Bevin – Lt Eric Belrose

Shout out to the National Staffing Operations team supporting the Canadian Army and the Royal Canadian Airforce. Every day, and especially during the pandemic, they have supported each other, have had to juggle professional and personal obligations in a different context, while continuing to remain flexible and dedicated to client service..  I appreciate every one of you and am fortunate to work with a team like ours.  You rock! – Nathalie Parent

Technical Services Section (TSC) is responsible for specialized technical equipment, general tech support, network administration and software configuration. Henny Wyngaarden has 30 years’ of varied experience working at ATESS, from programming Oracle database applications to maintaining our technical systems behind the scenes.  She is an invaluable source of technical and corporate expertise, displaying the utmost professionalism in carrying out her duties to ensure that ATESS, and their clients, experience a high level of technical services with minimal downtime to the general user community. Mark Street has enthusiastically supported the technical activities of the unit for nearly 20 years.  He has an unwavering commitment to customer service and works to find solutions to unique problems with eagerness and passion for the profession. - Bevin Stephenson

Huge thanks and appreciation to the 992-4000 IT onsite support team at 101 who helped me and my team overcome a variety of technical challenges during the onset of Op-laser. They did it with humour and patience. - Rutha Astravas 

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