New CAF Administrative Order and Military Personnel Instruction on Hateful Conduct

July 24, 2020 – Defence Stories


As of 10 July 2020, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) has amended its policy: DAOD 5019-0 to include the definition of hateful conduct and has published a CF Military Personnel instruction to outline how it will be addressed within the CAF. These policy instruments are part of our intent to put words into action on misconduct and inappropriate behaviour, and to eliminate hateful conduct from our institution.

The CAF is committed to remaining fit, deployable, and effective, while upholding the time-honoured ethos and values of the Profession of Arms; respect and dignity for all individuals and their beliefs are core values of Canada and of the CAF. We must uphold the Canadian Human Rights Act, which means fostering a safe and healthy workplace for all members of the Defence Team. While we have made progress, we can do more to address the behaviour of those among us who still do not abide by our ethos and values, and who wish others harm. On multiple occasions, and now with this latest personnel administrative order, the Chief of the Defence Staff has made it clear that hateful conduct and any associated behaviours will not be tolerated within the CAF.

Whether military, public servant, non-public employee, or contractor, you should feel welcomed and valued, judged solely on your behaviours, your competencies, and your contributions to Canada’s defence goals. All forms of racism, discrimination, bullying, micro aggressions, and hateful conduct (in person or through other means such as social media) damage our individual team members and undermine the organization’s operational effectiveness, as they diminish trust in leadership and in each other. In addition, witnessing such behaviours and not stopping or correcting them does further harm and erodes confidence. We must speak up and take action when confronted with such moral challenges, as this re-instills faith in our system and confirms our commitment to change. 

The CAF has established the new Hateful Conduct Incident Tracking System (HCITS) that will leverage the existing Operation HONOUR Tracking and Analysis System (OPHTAS) system and process for CAF members and their respective leadership. This new reporting system will allow for consistent tracking and improved reporting of hateful conduct incidents, which will be reviewed, assessed, investigated, and addressed by the chain of command.

We have acted to bring about a prolonged and sustained solution. This is not an end, but rather a new process beginning, putting into place mechanisms to ensure shared understanding and the instructions on how to act when someone behaves inappropriately. I encourage you to review the information, key references and links regarding this updated policy on the Hateful Conduct Intranet site and through the CAF App. As well, the CMP/MPC ARC is available to provide answers to questions regarding this or any other behaviour policies used to govern the CAF.

As your visible minority champion, I will continue to share information with you about implementation of this order and associated instruction as it evolves and other initiatives are pursued.

Vice-Admiral Haydn C. Edmundson
Commander, Military Personnel Command

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