August 7: Twitter Update from the Deputy Minister Jody Thomas

August 7, 2020 – Defence Stories

Friday Update: Let’s all be responsible and download the #COVIDAlert app. It’s even ok to use your #DefenceTeam work phone. Our teammates at ADM (IM) and ADM (DIA) tested the app and have no concerns. Download COVID Alert today.

HR-CIV shared updated guidelines on flexible work arrangements for DND civilian employees, managers and any CAF members who manage civilians. If that’s you, please review: Civilian Flexible Work Guidance.

Bottom line on flexible work arrangements: managers and employees have options. The key is to have respectful conversations and find the most workable option for all involved during the business resumption period.

We all have different challenges and accountabilities. But no one is alone in this. Here are some suggestions for what to do if the conversation is tougher than expected: Business Resumption: the Tough Questions.

Some worrying trends happening. If you have symptoms, get tested. Hope it’s “just a cold”— but never assume that you’ve got something regular. It’s dangerous to risk others’ health on assumptions.

Taking some time off to recharge so this account will be quiet for a couple of weeks. Hope other folks are doing the same. Follow @NationalDefence and @CanadianForces for #DefenceTeam updates, stay safe, #washyourhands and #wearamask.

Jody Thomas
@DMDND_SMMDN (external link)

This Twitter thread (external link) from Deptuy Minister Jody Thomas can be viewed in full on Twitter.

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