Last chance to submit a nomination for the 2020 Youth/Student Awards!

August 14, 2020 – Defence Stories


Youth / Student Award

Do you know any young, rising stars who’ve already made their mark on the Defence Team? If so, here’s your chance to nominate them for the Youth/Student Award as part of the relaunched DM Commendations Program!

The Youth/Student Award is open to young leaders (age 30 and under) who have inspired their peers and the Defence Team while embracing the values of Strong, Secure, Engaged.

Here’s a list that can help identify a potential nominee:

Young leaders who:

  • Demonstrate integrity and break down barriers;
  • Strive for excellence despite any drawbacks;
  • Do not let obstacles impede their success; and/or
  • Have high ambition and a continuous desire to self-improve.

The individuals, or teams must also demonstrate:

  • Character and an ability to overcome adversity;
  • A positive attitude;
  • The ability to support, and respect others with honour and dignity; and/or
  • The ability to Inspire and motivate others through actions and solutions.

So if you know a young leader, or a team of young leaders (maximum 10 individuals), who meets that criteria, nominate them today!

The nomination deadline for this quarter is September 30, 2020. Recipients will be invited to the Deputy Minister’s office to receive their award in October 2020.

How to receive a nomination form

National Defence Network: The DM Commendation page

Off the network: Send an email to

For additional resources regarding the DM Commendations Program, please visit the DM Commendation page (accessible only on the National Defence network) or HR Go RH app.

All questions can be sent to the Corporate Awards and Recognition Secretariat.

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