September 11: Twitter Update from the Deputy Minister Jody Thomas

September 11, 2020 - Defence Stories

Friday Update: Right now is A LOT. Check in with yourself, and with each other. Kindness, compassion and empathy—for yourself and for others—is a strength, not a weakness. You are not alone. And we can get through this together. #MentalHealth

It feels a bit like we’re holding our collective breath (behind our masks) to see what September brings in terms of a possible COVID-19 resurgence. But we’re also resourceful. We know what basic precautions we can all take to reduce risk.  

It helps to grip the things we can control. Keep washing those hands. Keep wearing those masks. Keep physical distancing. Keep staying home if we’re sick. Take layer upon layer of precautions.

If you’re transitioning back to on-site work, have a good talk with your manager first about health and safety protocols. Lots of online resources are available, too.

If you’re a civilian (or manage a civilian) you’ll want to note that *30 September** is the deadline to submit your Civilian Flexible Workplace Agreement to your manager. Original notice here:

Good luck to everyone doing the @CanadaArmyRun: Virtual,

starting this weekend. Giant BZ to @Army_Comd_Armee and his big green machine who have organized this run in very difficult circumstances. #Leadership #Resilience

And on the subject of runs, our goal is for another 30 colleagues to sign up to “Defence Team Minds Matter” to run or walk in support of women’s #MentalHealth @TheRoyal.

Are you in? Kudos to all who have already joined us.

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