Security Never Takes A Break – Vigilance!

September 14, 2010 - Defence Stories

Security and the Defence Team

When it comes to security, vigilance is key.

Following guidelines and best practices is an absolute must if we want to prevent security incidents or hacks to our systems. Letting your security guard down, even for a moment, can have serious consequences. The Department of National Defence (DND) and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) assets, devices, network and information can be compromised and this includes the personal safety and privacy of our military and civilian members.

Sound daunting? Have no fear – the Director General Defence Security (DGDS) is here to help you stay vigilant!

To help ensure Defence Team members are continually informed about the departmental security policies, procedures, and best practices, DGDS has launched a new security awareness campaign which will target a different security subject each month. The highlight of the campaign will be Security Awareness Week (SAW) “Working Remotely - The New Security Reality” in February.

To counter growing information security vulnerabilities while personnel work remotely, DGDS will start this campaign in September 2020 and kick-off the campaign with a focus on enhancing IT security and security of information for working remotely. This renewed focus on IT security vigilance takes into account that the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically altered shifted the way we work. Many DND employees and CAF members are now working remotely and using new tools like Defence O365 to conduct business.

With this in mind, we all need to stay informed and be aware of potential IT security vulnerabilities and have the knowledge to prevent a security incident from occurring. The goal is simple - help increase IT security knowledge and reinforce good security practices for all Defence Team members, especially personnel working remotely with sensitive, protected, and classified information.

Take the first step to help the Defence Team become more secure, and check out this infographic about O365 that includes some easy tips on how to adopt cyber security best practices.

Stay informed. Stay vigilant! And keep an eye out on the weekly Defence Team email for infographics, articles, videos and more that will help turn you into   an experienced security practitioner!

In addition, all Defence Team members are encouraged to visit the Defence Team COVID-19 web page on for the latest on working remotely, business resumption planning, mental health and wellness, and much more.

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