Halloween safety tips for the Defence Team

October 20, 2020 – Defence Stories


It’s important to follow the health and safety guidelines in your community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit the government website for your province/territory to learn more about Halloween festivities this year.

Let’s celebrate Halloween in a different way this year. Let’s get together virtually.  PSP Community Recreation is offering a variety of online programs for children, families and adults.

If you can’t join us, here are some tips to help your own planning:

  1. Haunt your mind by sharing scary stories with friends on Facetime, Zoom, or other.
  2. Adapt your celebration by trick or treating inside with the people you live with or with your chosen social support person(s) if you live alone.  Think an Easter Egg hunt but Halloween themed. 
  3. Limit your in-person celebration to those you live with or your chosen social support person(s) if you live alone.
  4. Launch a virtual competition with your neighbors for the best outdoor Halloween decorations.  
  5. Organize a virtual costume party with your friends.  
  6. Watch scary or fun movies with the people you live with or your chosen social support person(s) if you live alone.
  7. Inspire your costume around a mask… how can you create the most thematic 2020 costume?
  8. Show kindness by sharing photos, or connecting virtually, instead of hugs with your loved ones who are more at risk.
  9. Eat a fun and spooky meal you’ve made with those you live with or that chosen social support person(s) if you live alone.
  10. Keep yourself, your family and your community safe by following instructions from health officials and other trusted, reliable sources for guidance regarding events, trick or treating and parties.
In preparation for the Halloween season, PSP is partnering with Nestlé Canada and the Red Pumpkin Project, a Canada-wide initiative to encourage families to stay safe and have fun during Halloween.  Families can visit www.redpumpkinproject.ca for safety tips, imaginative family activities and DIY projects. Nestlé and PSP invites families to create and display a red pumpkin at their homes to encourage their neighbours to stay safe.  The partnrship  includes a donation to support PSP activities across Canada.

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