Update: Civilian flu vaccine clinics for employees in the NCR and at select bases and wings

November 20, 2020 - Defence Stories


The flu vaccine is also strongly recommended for all civilian employees, Class A and Class B reservists (<180 days) and their families.

As you may have read last week in the Civilian flu vaccine clinics for employees message, DND is offering the flu vaccine to employees who are conducting business in the workplace on a regular basis. The vaccine will be provided at no cost to those currently working in the National Capital Region and at select bases and wings across Canada. Please note, the vaccine for employees will be provided through an outside service provider (Calian) and not Canadian Forces Health Services, which is responsible for administering the flu vaccine to CAF members only.

There are only a limited number of vaccines available and priority will be given to employees that regularly work onsite and who meet eligibility criteria.

Clinics in the NCR

Flu clinics in the NCR are being organized by CFSU(O), who is providing instructions to all L1s. If you are eligible for a vaccine, you will be notified by your L1 shortly.

Clinics at bases and wings

Staff interested in flu clinics at the bases and wings will have to meet the eligibility criteria determined at each location. Eligible employees will be informed through their chain of command and will be provided further details about dates and locations.

Any remaining supply of vaccines will be made available to other employees on a first-come, first-served basis. Civilians flu shot clinics are targeted to begin at some locations this week (November 23); your respective place of work/chain of command will confirm timing at your location..

We encourage employees who are working remotely to receive their flu shot through their local health care provider or pharmacy as there is no guarantee that remaining quantities will be sufficient to accommodate demand.

Regular Force CAF members and full time Reservists (>180 days) can receive their flu vaccine by attending a clinic organized by Canadian Forces Health Services. More details can be found by contacting your local Canadian Forces Health Centre. Class A and Class B Reservists on short-term contracts (<180 days) and their families are encouraged to receive the vaccine through a healthcare provider, a local clinic, or at a pharmacy. OUTCAN members and their families can receive their flu vaccine from their local military medical treatment facility or civilian provider.  

For more information about the flu and the flu vaccine, be sure to reach out to your manager or chain of command and visit the Government of Canada's Get your flu shot page as well as the related Defence Team FAQs. You can also watch the Defence Team News interview with MGen Marc Bilodeau, Canadian Armed Forces Surgeon General, who explains why it's so important to get the flu vaccine in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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