December 4: Twitter Update from the Deputy Minister Jody Thomas

December 8, 2020 – Defence Stories

Friday update: So thankful for the honest feedback this week from parents in our #DefenceTeam. We had a hard but necessary conversation about navigating work, kids and COVID. Some felt reasonably ok. Others felt highly stressed. Everyone is doing their best.

We talked about parental guilt. About job security fears. About the different frictions occurring at home, work or both. About the loneliness of working remotely. And what we can do to take care of ourselves.  

We also talked about critical tasks vs. nice-to-haves. From my perspective, a critical task is something necessary for operational continuity, for safety and security, or something we are legislatively required to do.

Our #DefenceTeam has many critical tasks and Canadians count on us to do them. However, it’s perfectly reasonable to clarify with your supervisor—and that includes my direct reports—as to what is a priority and what can wait for a bit. 

How we have those conversations matter. Honest does not mean unkind. Direct does not mean impatient. Disagreement does not mean conflict. If you need help talking to your manager or your staff, reach out to HR-CIV for support.

During periods of prolonged stress, it’s harder to communicate effectively. Keep reaching out: to your staff, your supervisors, and colleagues. Let’s keep working as a team, being honest with each other, and #washingourhands.  

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