2020 DM/CDS holiday card contest winner announced!

December 9, 2020 - Defence Stories

Josianne Henao Alcendra (6): My art work is about the services that the military do. They help people keep the peace in the air sea and land through Canada and the world. Thanks.

Josianne Henao Alcendra (6): My art work is about the services that the military do. They help pepole keep the peace in the air sea and land through Canada and the world. Thanks.

In November, Deputy Minister Jody Thomas and Chief of the Defence Staff General Jonathan Vance kicked off their annual contest for the design of their holiday greeting card.

It was a difficult decision to make, but the DM and CDS are happy to announce that 6 year-old Josianne Henao Alcendra, is this year’s winner of the holiday card contest. Her father is a member of the Defence Team at CFB Kingston. Congratulations Josianne!

A special thank you to all of the children for the beautiful artwork they sent in. With so many creative submissions, picking just one was a challenge.

Take a look at the gallery below to see all of the entries we received. 

Image gallery

  • Killyam Henao Alcendra (11): My artwork represents all the work that the military to to helP Canada, the planet and also the children. I'm very proud of the work. :) Thanks you.
  • Hailey Aucoin (10): A snowman thanking and saluting all the military people who helped with covid-19.
  • Emma Sofia Arsenault (8): People in the military sometimes have to be away from their family, but that does not mean you should be sad. But you know that you're always with them no matter what.
  • Thalie-Rose Beauchesne (11): Member helping seniors in long-term care facilities during Op LASER.
  • Calvin Bell (7): Daddy is helping other people by giving out masks.
  • Elsie Benvie (9): Santa is happy because military and defence team members have stepped up as else to make sure all the girls and boys have toys at Christmas. Pictured are two members working on the toy conveyor line.
  • Édouard Bergeron (12): My piece represents the Army helping on the ground and in the air. Above, there are reindeer pulling a tank in a forest. Below, is Santa bringing presents in a helicopter (that looks like Rudolph).
  • Julie Bergeron (8): A member building a snowman with a child.
  • Olivier Bergeron (11): My artwork depicts a member who helps the sick, visiting sick children on this Christmas Eve, who decorates, delivers presents on his wooden sleigh. The room is decorated with a Christmas tree, candy-cane cannon that shoots candies, a small train and a snowman in the window. The member brings happiness to the sick.
  • Ashton Burnison (4): Theres a guy parachuting and a helicopter and army man shooting. They are doctors and soldiers helping hurt people. Thank you and I love you.
  • Cullen Burnison (7): The army men and women are going to the battle and there's a helicopter and 2 army trucks bringing supplies to the war. Look under the big trucks becuase there's a bunch of dirt.
  • HarLynn Burnison (9): The military Police is in his car trying to catch the bad guys stealing money. The soldier is wanting to help too. And the policeman decorated his car to look pretty and make people happy. And the policeman caught them and took them to jail. His seat is a candy cane. Great job! Keep Up the Great Work!
  • Mia Champagne (11): During this pandemic, the military members help seniors (Operation LASER).
  • Isabelle Charbonneau (8): 1 girl is giving gifts using a riffle, Santa is flying near the boat and the dog can see him, but not the girl.
  • Katelyn Chown (10): We dont want santa to catch covid, so he needs extra protection from the military! Covid has made children lose hope this year so snata needs to give it Back to them! The military helpts, and protects those who need it especially in covid times! Christmas is a time for family and fun!
  • Hill Clarke (8): My snowman family This is my snowman family My Dad my mom Me and my Brother. We are braessed uP as snowman!
  • Xavier Comeau (9): Canadian troops provide security to local kinds in Afghanistan. This is how Defence team make a difference.
  • Aidan de Vries-Cruise (10): In these challenging times, military workers are helping in old people homes to insure the helth and safety of the old people at risk of catching covid-19. Thank you to all of the millitary that are helping Canada into a better future. :)
  • Ciaran de Vries-Cruise (10): In these hard times military workers are helping to make the world a better and safer place.
  • Logan de Vries-Cruise (6): Military personnel enjoying the winter with snowmen.
  • Kiley Robin Fawn De Roche (7): The military is giving presents to people to Help spread joy
  • Gabriel Desjardins (7): War is over and we can celabrate christmas.
  • Melody Dion (10): Represents the Army coming to the rescue during floods.
  • Abigail Donovan (5): The girl is fishing when the waves get too high to get back home. The helicopter comes to drop a rope down and pull her up so she is safe.
  • Eleanor Donovan (7): The river was over flowing and getting too close to the house. The military went to put sandbags to save the house from flooding.
  • Isabelle Drouin (11): An airplane and some soldiers delivering Christmas supplied to places/people in need. There is a Christmas dinner, lights, presnets, trees, and soldiers all ariving by parachute from a plane.
  • Eden Avni (8): Ther savigne a elf inside a chrismise true.
  • Brooke Ferreri (6): the snowBiRds fly to make peopLe HaPPY.
  • Echo Fraser (11): My art work is based off my Dads Job. They call them The Shepherds of the Sky. He helps escort Santa every year, like he escorts the Jets every day. Merry Christmas!
  • Ève-Marie Giroux (7): They can always be counted on to help, even at Christmas!
  • Grayson Goodine (7): chrisTmas cheere army solDier delivering chisTmas Trees.
  • Mia Givogue (10): Welcome to Pine Trees Residence where our military helP improve the lives of these seriors. Thank you For helPing so many senior citizens During the covid Pandemic.
  • Adelaide Gorman (9): a girl whos dad went to the army and gve her his hat. It is Christmas and he dad drops bye to see her snow ma. She is really happy to see her dad.
  • Annabelle Grenon (11): Covid-19 Heroes, military member helping the elderly at the CHSLD during the COVID-19 pandemic. A little boy is thanking the member by giving him a greeting card. The snowwoman's a symbol of his grand-mother who remains healthy and can celebrate the Holidays thanks to the Defence Team members. Thank you/Merci.
  • Malik Hadj-Abdelhafid (7): The Army combatting COVID-19.
  • Ben Krzywonos (9): This is a cyclone helicopter hoisting Santa down to the chimney below. He has a bag of gifts for all of the military kids. Do you see Rudolf?
  • Charlotter Kettle (8): The Defence Team makes a difference because they treat everyone the same. This is a picture of a woman who is a captain of a ship a Christmas. The snowman is cheering her on saying she's #1.
  • Charlotte Kettle (8): The Defence Team makes a difference because they treat everyone the same. This is a picture of a woman who is a captain of a ship a Christmas. The snowman is cheering her on saying she's #1.
  • Ashabelle Labonté (11): a millitary member helping a senior.
  • Fernando Labonté (7): sumbody in Jail. Sumbud giving them a pressent.
  • Aurélie Laflamme (7): My drawing shows my mom. She's the scientist working on the computer. The elves are carrying presents. Mom is helping the elves put on their bracelet. The bracelet shows a map with those who have been good and will receive presents. They help the elves find their houses. Then, they leave the vessel by the ground door.
  • Kéryanne Laliberté (8): Defence Team makes a great team with people around the world. They save lives from people in difficult situations. They bring peace and love to the world. They bring magical moments to us. They are like angles that bring joy to the world.
  • Naomi Laliberté (10): All of our defence team makes a difference. They are here for us. The are trying to help everyone by saving lives of people that are sick, make peace in the world, each action contributes to the well being of our comunaties here and in the world. They create friendship around the countries in the world. Merry Christmas!
  • Azariah Lawrence (9): It's a Pikachu Christmas - illustrating the way Defence Team members and their families need to enjoy each other and have fun to contribute to everyone's happiness.
  • Evelyn McCauley (8): A military engineer is fixing Santa's sleigh and the elves are having a party.
  • Kenna-Dee McLaren (11): CAF member delivers a gift to an elderly resident of one of the old age homes that they helped out in during COVID.
  • Xavier Michard Blake (6): Chopper saves Christmas + Rudolph - Rudolph was tired and he needed someone to help, so he and Santa asked the Canadian military to come rescue and bring the presents to kids. Rudolph was happy to take a ride in the chopper and have a break! Xavier
  • Nathaniel Moncrief (5): Rescue Submarine. A Rescue submarine underwater (with fish) that has a key that lets them unlock any submarine and rescue anyone stuck inside.
  • Annabelle Moreau (11): Name: The reunion. This is a picture of a soldier who reunited with their child again and They have Their Christmas together and There happy.
  • Étienne Moreau (6): Christmas photo taken of mom and dad.
  • Florence Moreay (9): I drew a soldier coming to give me presents like Santa Claus.
  • Olivier Moreau (7): My dad surprised me when he came back after being away for a long time.
  • Sidney Morrell (5): Two soldiers standing around a Christmas, and one is climbirng the tree, and they are signing a beautiful song. Also, there is a black carrot and it has a little box.
  • Simon Musgrave (11): My dad doing explosive ordnance disposal work cleaning up bombs leftover from WWII.
  • Ava Ritchie (10): The Defence Team are making a difference by saving Christmas for everybody along with Santa, his elves and some of the reindeer!
  • Abigaëlle Rognong (8): To help Santa during the pandemic, a Ranger brings presents to the children in an Indigenous community.
  • Carson Quinn Spicer Souchuk (12): Two DND soliders are filling in for Santa in there own style!!!
  • Everett Souchuk (9): My picture is an army sargent that fell into a snow man and is very mad. Now  hes just shoowting inside the snow man killing other bad guys. #Canada rocks!!!
  • Misha Stetskevysh (8): This picture tells about Canadian military personnel including military doctors, on international missions at different parts of the world.
  • Mia Tauzovic (9): Canadian Forces bring gifts to children in hospitals and camps on Christmas.
  • Emrick Turcotte (4): The Army came and rescued Santa by repairing his sleigh.
  • Roxanne Turcotte (12): The Army helps Santa bring presents to children who lived through a bombing in Asia.
  • William Turcotte (9): Members help Santa hand out presents because his sleigh is broken and the reindeer ran away.
  • Seraphine Verreiter (7): My dad and other people are working on computers.é And they rite about the batel space. In there uneforms at work. And my dad trys to helps people to have peace.
  • Laurel Whiteside (6): This is about a helicopter and soldiers delivering a christmas tree to a little girl, and a snowman at the side.
  • Liam Whiteside (10): In these scene, all the elements of the Canadian Military (Army, Air Force and Navy) are coming to assist several melting snowpeople that are stuck on a beach.
  • Norah Whiteside (6): This is santa in a helicopter with soldiers delivering presents to people that don't have toys.
  • Paisley Youden (8): The picture displays how the militayr is helping P.S.W's (Personnel support workers), which is very nice because its good to help others. My Mommy is a PSW. The decorations are to help spread Holiday cheer.
  • Rim Zanibi (12): A DND member is celebrating with Canada flag and snowman, after finishing her work day in a Long Term Care Home.
  • Joshua Haire (12): I My picture you see 4 children getting presents from a canadain helecopter. The Present repersent the hope and joy canada brings to people around the world.
  • Raphael Verreiter (9): Watching for enemie troops on christmas eve. (With Santa!)
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