Champion’s Message to Mark the End of Pride Season 2021

August 31, 2021 - Defence Stories


Public Service Pride - Show your colours

To commemorate the closing of this year’s Pride Season, I want to highlight how honored I am to experience Pride Season and all the events that were led to bring LGTBQ2+ communities and allies together. Fifty years after the initial Pride gatherings came to be and the spirit of Pride has only become stronger! Pride Season has become an integral component of the Government of Canada’s approach towards inclusion in the workplace, from the virtual flag raising kickoff to the end of Public Service Pride Week, I thank everyone involved for taking the time to stop, open their hearts and minds and come together to remember and celebrate the LGBTQ2+ communities and the people who make up these communities.

This year Public Service Pride week focused on intersectionality to create awareness of its importance in everyday life. Through multiple efforts to support diversity in the public sector, we have and continue to advocate for a more complex understanding of how central intersectionality connects to Pride, and the importance of listening to learn. It demonstrates the significance of inclusion to eliminate any other forms of discrimination that lingers, keeping our voices loud and proud.

This year was our first ever Government of Canada Public Service Pride Awards, which included various awards that highlighted employees and groups/organizations that promoted and strengthened the LGBTQ2+ diversity, inclusion and pride in the federal public service in 2020-2021. I was proud to see everyone come together as one to celebrate Pride and support the LGTBQ2+ communities.  Congratulations to all the recipients!

I encourage staff to continue to get involved! Whether through acts of ally ship or being a member of the LGBTQ2+, Pride Season gives us the opportunity to unite together and use our voices to the world to say: Diversity and inclusion are one of Canada’s greatest strengths.

Engage in your own learning process with the National Public Service Pride Network Resources! If you have any questions or want to learn more about the LGBTQ2+ communities at National Defence contact the DTPAO.


RAdm Luc Cassivi
Defence Champion for LGBTQ2+ communities

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