DM-A/CDS Message: COVID-19 vaccine requirement for the federal workforce

October 7, 2021 -  Defence Stories

Defence Team,

Many of you have likely heard, earlier today, that the Government of Canada is now requiring federal government employees to be fully vaccinated, and to be compliant with this new policy by November 15, 2021. This includes the CAF. More detailed information will be provided in the coming days.

For those of you who have yet to receive your COVID-19 vaccine, and are able to, we ask you to please go out and get it. Get vaccinated for your family, for your peers, and for Canadians.

This is a team effort and we need all hands on deck to protect ourselves and to maintain our readiness and ability to serve Canadians at home and support our Allies and partners abroad.

We thank you for your dedication.

Jody Thomas
Deputy Minister of National Defence
General Wayne Eyre
Acting Chief of the Defence Staff

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