Good Nutrition is More Than What You Eat

January 25, 2022 - Defence Stories

Feeding and nourishing your body well helps optimize your well-being, contributing to more vitality and resilience to enjoy your life and care for others. Self-care promotes your health and happiness; adding activities and nourishing foods rewards you by giving your body what it needs, promoting your health and happiness.

Here are some quick, easy and healthy meals for you to try:

Healthy food and mindful nutrition is taking care of yourself by giving your body what it needs. Keep it simple; try to cook, eat with others, and listen to how your body feels when it is hungry or full.

Check out these helpful links:

Looking for more info? Reach out to your base/wing Health Promotion Delivery office for support to help you live your healthiest life.

Pam Hatton is the Nutrition Wellness Program Lead in the Directorate of Force Health Protection and provides science-based advice. As a member of the Strengthening the Forces team, she is involved in promoting healthy eating and nutritional wellness.

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