The Multicultural Calendar 2022 is now online!

January 10, 2022 - Defence Stories

Available to all civilian employees and military members, this informative and attractive calendar is a highly visible reminder of hundreds of multicultural and religious holidays, festivals and observances occurring throughout the year, nationally and internationally.

Learn about the different holidays and special events celebrated or commemorated in the many cultures across the globe as well as here in Canada. Simply scroll over a date for a short description of the commemoration. Special diversity and inclusion commemorative events at National Defence are also included in the calendar.

Diversity and inclusion are values that have made Canada’s Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces better, stronger and more successful. As we live and work in a diverse community, learning about our different cultures and traditions enhances the feeling of inclusion for each and all of us.

The Defence Team is committed to creating a work environment where diversity and inclusion are the norm, where all are welcome and respected, and where employees and members consider themselves as being an important part of the team.

Download the calendar into your Outlook, as a PDF or bookmark it and consult it throughout the year!

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