Make good resolutions all year round – plan your transition months/years in advance

January 18, 2022 - Defence Stories

By Capt Lura, Canadian Armed Forces Transition Group PAO


Familiarize yourself with the new transition process by reading My Transition Guide: Transitioning from Military to Civilian Life to learn more about the areas of well-being that are essential for a successful transition.

The beginning of the New Year is a great time for resolutions, but will you be able to stick to them? In reality, the key to success for your future projects is more likely to be consistent effort.

From basic training onward, think about your transition

Once you have completed your basic training, in some ways, the next biggest change in your military career will be your transition to civilian life. For some people, that may represent a return to normal; for others, it may be a step into the unknown. Your career may be short or it may last for most of your life. Everyone is different, and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Transition Group understands that. But one thing common to all is the need to start preparing early for the transition from military to civilian life.

Be ready for anything

There are many possible events that may affect your life and change the vision you had for your future: an accident that means you can no longer meet the universality of service standards, an offer of a dream job that requires a transfer, your mental health, a rethinking of your priorities, etc.

It may seem like a simple thing for a CAF member to hang up their uniform for good – until the day comes to hang up yours. Life after military service can bring with it uncertainty and stress, especially for those who have been used to military discipline, and clear direction and guidance for a long time. If you have taken the time and made the effort to explore the tools available to you earlier in your career, your transition will be more constructive and more satisfying.

Where to begin?

Even if transition is not in your near future, don’t wait – start educating yourself now!

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