The Defence Learning Network 3.0 is here!

March 8, 2022 - Defence Stories


All Defence Team members now have access to their account in the new Defence Learning Network (DLN) 3.0!

You are invited to perform an initial log in and familiarize yourself with the new interface to be ready when you are directed to take training on the new platform.

In order to do so, access the Defence Learning Network (DLN) 3.0, click on Forgot Password, and proceed with the instructions on your screen. Note that your username remains the same as what it was in DLN 2.0.

Further details about the new system and the transition process are available on the DLN 3.0 Frequently Asked Question page, which will be updated regularly.

Have questions? Through Assyst/EITSM, open a “Reset Enterprise Application Account Password” ticket for assistance logging in*. For other inquiries, open an "Enterprise Application Information/Help" ticket. Users without DWAN access may contact the DLN Help Desk at

*Note: When opening a ticket in Assyst/EITSM, please enter "Defence Learning Network" in the "Application Name" field.

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