Surgeon General Message - Patient Care Feedback Tool – We want to hear from you!

February 15, 2022 - Defence Stories

Surgeon General Message to the Defence Team

Quality improvement in health care has shifted in recent years and has become a continuous evolving journey within Canadian Forces Health Services (CFHS). We strive to keep moving towards excellence in quality care for our Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members. An important part of this journey is understanding how our patients experience health care received from CFHS, including what we are doing well and where we should focus our improvement efforts.

The best way for us to understand the patient experience is to hear directly from you - our patients. CFHS is poised to release a Patient Care Feedback Tool (PCFT), giving CAF members a standardized and easy-to-use mechanism to provide us with information on your individual experiences with CFHS programs and services.

On 14 February 2022, the PCFT will be launched and actively promoted during a four week campaign. The tool will be accessible through a web link and will be available across the CAF for patients to complete anonymously. It can be completed on any electronic device connected to the internet and does not require a DWAN connection. Staff at your local CFHS medical and dental clinics can also provide you with information on this initiative. The link to the PCFT will remain available on the CFHS webpage for use at any time.

PCFT Link:

CFHS webpage: (accessible only on the National Defence network)

I encourage you to take the opportunity to provide us with your feedback on the medical and dental care you received. Your voice is valuable and one of the instruments critical to helping your health care system serve you better.

Thank you and stay safe and healthy!


Major-General Marc Bilodeau
Surgeon General, Canadian Armed Forces

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Patient Care Feedback Tool

Goes LIVE 14 February 2022

Attention Patients:

We want to hear from you!

We care about your care. Understanding how our patients experience health care provided by CFHS will help us identify what we are doing well and where we should focus our improvement efforts.

After you visit a CFHS medical or dental clinic, use this link:

or click on the QR Code below (see poster) and complete the survey on your phone.

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