Here they are, your 2022 Canadian Armed Forces Parachute Team, the SkyHawks!

May 27, 2022 - Defence Stories

Lieutenant (Navy) Éliane Trahan, SkyHawks Public Affairs Officer


The SkyHawks are Canada's only military parachute team

After two years of pause because of COVID, we are more than happy to be back and meet the Canadians from coast to coast for a 49th season!

The Canadian Armed Forces Parachute Team, the SkyHawks, are Canada’s only military parachute demonstration team. Our 15 demonstrators come from the Canadian Army and the Canadian Rangers. In addition, we have team members from both the Regular Force and the Reserve. Our team is made up of Canadian Armed Forces members with a wide variety of professional trades and backgrounds.

Established in 1971, the SkyHawks have represented Canada and the Canadian Armed Forces with pride, performing in front of over 75 million spectators world-wide under our signature Canadian Flag parachutes. Our team demonstrates the high standard of professionalism, dedication, and teamwork it takes to be part of Canada’s military.

We are very proud to offer around thirty performances during the summer to thank the Canadians for their support on behalf of Canadian Armed Forces members working at home and abroad.

The SkyHawks’ thrilling performance of daring manoeuvres brings their parachutes in close proximity to each other and requires a high level of skill, teamwork, and physical fitness. This discipline of proximity parachute flying is known as Canopy Relative Work within the skydiving community.

Come meet us in the area closest to you!

Consult the season 2022 calendar.

Image gallery

  • Canadian T<br><br>The “Canadian T” is the formation we use to open the show during the 2022 season. The three members of this formation are Captain Pierre-Alexandre Dufour, Master Corporal Adam Hanna and Corporal Kienan Shortt.<br>Photo: Colin Smith
  • Candy Cane<br><br>Over the years we've heard lots of positive reviews of this colourful demonstration, so it is back this year – we call it the “Candy Cane”! Master Corporal Jonathan Blais, Reservist at 55th Field Ambulance, perform this formation.<br>Photo: Colin Smith
  • Parabatics<br><br>This formation called the “Parabatics” requires great strength because the two members, Master Corporal Kimbo Grondin and Corporal Tyler Evans, have their legs locked and held together by leg muscle alone! There are no cords, no straps – just pure physical fitness and team work. And, of course, they need their hands free in order to manoeuvre those canopies around!<br>Photo: Colin Smith
  • Three-stack drag<br><br>You are seeing that right, the third SkyHawk is completely upside-down! This formation needs to maintain significant forward speed to ensure that upside-down canopy remains inflated! The three members of the “Three-stack drag” formation are Warrant Officer Eric Demers, Corporal Ugo Smith and Master Corporal Kazz Gallant.<br>Photo: Colin Smith
  • Tri-by-side<br><br>The three SkyHawks are held together by the person in the middle with a solid leg lock. This is a stellar example of the physical fitness and teamwork required to hold this formation together. The three members of the “Tri-by-side” formation are Sergeant Antoine Collette, Master Corporal Marc Dumaine and Master Corporal Gabriel Parent.<br>Photo: Colin Smith
  • Our team is made up of Canadian Armed Forces members with a wide variety of professional trades and backgrounds.<br>Photo: Corporal Jessey Gagné
  • The 2022 Canadian Armed Forces Parachute Team, the SkyHawks!<br>Photo: Corporal Jessey Gagné
  • Every performance, the SkyHawks come forward to offer a salute as a mark of appreciation to the audience.<br>Photo: Corporal Jessey Gagné
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