The Guide on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Terminology: an essential tool!

May 24, 2022 - Defence Stories

Guide to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Terminology

Are you familiar with the Guide on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Terminology? It is a tool made available by the Government of Canada on the Language Portal of Canada to explain concepts related to equity, diversity, accessibility and inclusion. The Guide is the result of extensive consultations and of a collaborative effort between more than 20 federal departments and agencies.

While acknowledging that not everyone will agree on its content, this reference document takes into account the perspectives of equity-denied groups. Use it as a starting point to learn about equity, diversity, accessibility and inclusion—while continuing to listen to and learn from people with lived experience and keeping in mind that it is always best to address a person or a group of people in the way they prefer.

The terminology related to equity, diversity, accessibility and inclusion will continue to evolve and never be completely neutral. For this reason, most entries in the Guide contain definitions and usage notes that offer explanations on the particular use of the terms. As language evolves, the Guide will be regularly updated and enhanced with new concepts.

Take a look at the Guide on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Terminology, and foster empathy, curiosity and reflection in your conversations with others!

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