RMC Cadet going to the NATO Chess Championship in Slovenia

April 18, 2023 - Defence Stories


2nd Year RMC undergrad student OCdt Tomas Zaburdyaev plays chess during the 13st Canadian Military Chess Championship in RMC’s historic Currie Hall, from March 17 to 19, 2023. He is one of six players to represent Canada at the NATO Chess Championship in Slovenia, in September 2023.

"I look forward to representing the RMC Chess Club in Slovenia ˗ this will be a great opportunity to meet with NATO members and play chess," said OCdt Tomas Zaburdyaev from the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC), upon his qualification for the team along with the new Canadian Military Chess Champion, MCpl Dominic Coulon from Canadian Forces Logistics Training Centre, at CFB Borden.

RMC hosted the 13th Canadian Military Chess Championship (CMCC), at which 50 players from coast to coast competed on its campus from March 17 to 19, 2023, to be selected to represent Canada at the NATO Chess Championship (NCC) in Slovenia in September 2023.

The RMC Chess Club volunteered to host the 13th CMCC to allow for maximum participation of club members. The club has been active since 2012, and naval/officer cadets have been participating in the annual match with the USMA at West Point, the CMCC, and the NCC.

"Chess is like an onion which has layers that you can endlessly peel," said OCdt Will Than, RMC Chess Club co-president. "I love this sport and the experience that organizing and participating in this championship gave me. Go RMC!"

Chess is considered the oldest military war game still played today and it favours the building of many essential skills in the military, such as analytic thinking, planning, decision making, tactical spirit and perseverance. Chess is accessible for everyone and contributes to developing military camaraderie and friendship.

The CMCC is an official competition under the International Chess Federation and the Chess Federation of Canada, and is open to active or retired CAF members, and active or retired DND civilians.

RMC’s unique environment, atmosphere and educational opportunities are just a few of the key reasons why so many of our students chose the Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP-RMC).

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