Streamlined re-enrollment for skilled applicants

News Article / May 14, 2020

The re-enrollment process has been streamlined for skilled applicants returning to the CAF/RCAF! For example, the Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT) and the Trait Self Descriptive Test (TSD) are not required to re-enroll.

Yes, if you were released within the last five years and you:

  • Released under items 4C (voluntary), 5B (reduction of strength), or 5C (completed service);
  • Are able to fulfill a term of service before reaching the CAF’s Compulsory Retirement Age (60);
  • Were fully trained in your occupation;
  • Wish to rejoin your previous occupation; and
  • Meet the suitability requirements and are employable in any given position.

To learn more about your eligibility, contact the Air Force Intake and Liaison Team (AFILT) in Ottawa. They can be reached by email at

Go to and start the application process by clicking on the “Re-enrol Now” link.

Your online re-enrolment will require you to login using a GCKey or by using a secure sign-in partner.

After submitting your application, the AFILT will confirm that you meet the criteria as a skilled applicant and advise the Canadian Forces Recruiting Group (CFRG). You can expect to be asked for important documents such as birth certificate, passport, education credentials and transcripts. Once your application is verified, the AFILT will work with you, CFRG, and the appropriate occupation’s Career Manager to discuss your posting preferences and determine the posting location.

The local Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre (CFRC) will complete or update your medical file once you have completed the Health Questionnaire. A full medical exam will be required only if there’s been a significant change in health status since your release or if you have been out of the CAF/RCAF for five years or more.

This interview with a Military Career Counsellor can be conducted over the phone, after which the selection process will commence. The length of this process will depend on how long you have been out of the CAF/RCAF. If it’s been longer than five years (from your official release date to the date of application for re-enrolment), the file will be sent to the Occupation Advisor (OA) for a determination on skilled status before your file is processed any further. Once you are confirmed as a skilled applicant by the OA, the file will be processed and subsequent re-enrollment will proceed.

There are many reasons why former members may consider rejoining the RCAF Team as a Regular or Reserve Force member. Here are some of them:

  • job security and stability
  • competitive pay and benefits
  • a team-oriented working environment
  • making a meaningful contribution to Canada and the world
  • improved individual and family support programs
  • the excitement of operations and working with leading-edge aerospace equipment
  • the lifetime security of an increased pension
  • the flexibility of full or part-time work

Remember, the great folks at the AFILT are there to provide advice and to answer any questions you might have, and there is no obligation to re-join by talking to them. Contact them at

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