In-clearance checklist for CAF members posted to the National Capital Region

If you’re a CAF member who has been posted to the Ottawa/Gatineau region, your first stop should be the CFSG(O-G) Orderly Room.

Note: Members posted to the Startop Building must clear in at the Det Startop Orderly Room.

The Orderly Room provides in-clearance services to newly posted CAF members in the NCR, including:

Other services to complete your in-clearance:

Visiting the Orderly Room

CFSG(O-G)’s Orderly Room is located at:

NDHQ Pearkes Building
101 Colonel By Drive
North Tower, 5th Floor

Walk-in hours: 7:30 am to 3:30 pm Monday to Friday

Contact the Orderly Room reception desk.

Dress policy

Visitors to the CFSG(O-G) Orderly Room are permitted to wear military dress of the day or civilian attire including denim/cargo pants and sandals. Please ensure to project a neat and tidy appearance.

Customers wearing any of the items below will be denied service:

Personal Liability and Clearance Certificate (PLCC)

To obtain your PLCC, contact the Orderly Room’s Reception Desk at 613-996-1044.

Pay and Records section

The Pay and Records section at the CFSG(O-G) Orderly Room is responsible for all personal pay records for the Regular Force and Class C member’s within the NCR.

Personnel are requested to contact their unit support staff prior to forwarding queries or observations directly to CFSG(O-G) Pay and Records.

Cashier: The CFSG (O-G) Cashier is located on the 5th floor, North Tower, in the Pearkes Building.

Walk-in hours: 7:30 am to 2:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Emergency Financial Services: During silent hours and on weekends and statutory holidays, contact the CFSG(O-G) Duty Clerk at 613-222-7629 to reach the Duty Cashier.

Mess Affiliation Form

To complete your in-clearance for the messes, you must complete your Mess Affiliation Form during your first visit to CFSG(O-G)’s Orderly Room.

You are also invited to check-in with your Mess by phone or through their respective websites to find out about their activity calendars.

Keep in mind that you will have to go to your mess to clear out.

Relocation services

Brookfield Global Relocation Services is the civilian contractor responsible for administering DND moves under Canadian Forces Integrated Relocation Program.

To complete your relocation claim, please visit Brookfield’s office on the 6th floor, North Tower at the Pearkes Building.

Walk-in hours: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

For more information, contact the reception desk at 613-992-7361 or

Furniture and Effects (F&E)

The Furniture and Effects (F&E) Section at CFSG(O-G) is responsible to assist Regular Force members, dependents, and Civilian personnel employed within the NCR region, with their movement of F & E within Canada, US and Overseas.

Location :

Furniture and Effects is co-located in the Central Material Traffic Terminal (CMTT) building 346 at 360 Paul Benoit Driveway.

Hours of operation:

Monday to Friday

If you have just arrived it is imperative that you contact us IOT arrange for delivery of your household goods. We are here to assist and make sure that the delivery of your furniture goes as smoothly as possible.

F&E Supervisor

Incoming and Outgoing Moves within Canada

Incoming and Outgoing International Moves

Incoming and Outgoing US Moves

Building pass and identity card services

The Pass Control section provides fingerprint, identity card and building pass services to CAF members and DND employees in the NCR.

Passes and ID cards

New arrivals to the NCR must have the original DND-1102 form, completed by their Unit Security Supervisor (USS), before a pass will be issued. Contact your USS for more information on replacing lost, damaged or expired passes.

New military or civilian ID card

Personnel who require a new military or civilian ID card, or whose ID card is about to expire, may report to Pass Control without an appointment during regular business hours to have a new card issued to them. Photographs are required for all ID cards. Military members must be wearing their DEU tunic with shirt and tie.

The Pass control section is located on the 1st floor, North Tower of the Pearkes Building.

Walk in hours: 8:00 am to 12:00 pm

You may also choose to book an appointment between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm. For more information, contact 613-992-5467.

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