Services provided by CFSG(O-G)

CFSG(O-G) Clothing Stores

Hours of Operation (Clothing Counter/Tailor Shop):

  • Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday: 0700-1400
  • Wednesday: Front Counter and Tailor Shop closed to customers.
  • After hours contact for urgent requirements: Duty Supply Tech 343-549-0562
  • If you are returning/getting issued/exchanging more than 10 items an appointment must be made.

To book an appointment for issue/return/exchange/tailorshop/deployment/operational
please email:

To book a release appointment, please email:

A limited amount of appointments are available daily. Appointments will be prioritized based on the requirement, turnaround times will vary.



Clothing Stores is located on the west side of the basement of the National Printing Bureau at:
45 Sacré-Coeur Blvd in Gatineau.

For any emergencies during normal working hours, please contact: I/C Front Counter at 819-939-9555. (After normal working hours or for urgent requirements call 343-549-0562.)


The Comptroller is located in Building 5 East, First Floor, Q13, complexe Carling du QGDN. The Comptroller is comprised of three main sections, Comptroller Management, Claims Audit and Cashier. Comptroller Management's key responsibilities include the day to day management of the CFSG(Ottawa-Gatineau) budget, DRMIS training, organization and establishment.

Comptroller Management provides numerous financial services on behalf of the Commandant CFSG(Ottawa-Gatineau). Specific services include organization and establishment, write-offs, Memorandums of Understanding (MOU), coordination of the CFSG(Ottawa-Gatineau) Business Plan, provide FMAS training, accounts payable and receivable, liaise between CFSG(Ottawa-Gatineau) and PWGSC on financial matters and act as unit coordinator for the Universal Classification Standard (UCS).


The CFSG Ottawa-Gatineau Cashier is located at building 5 East, First Floor, P15, NDHQ Carling. The hours of operation are from 7:30 am to 1:00 pm, Monday to Thursday. Friday’s will be by appointment. To obtain service or more information on the cashier, please contact You can reach the Cashier reception desks at 613-901-6778 or 613-901-6779 from Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 3:00 pm. Silent hours, weekends, and statutory holidays, contact the CFSG(O-G) Duty Clerk at 613-697-7347 to reach the Duty Cashier for emergency financial services.

Military Chaplaincy in the NCR

The Chaplain Services Team of Canadian Forces Support Unit (Ottawa) is dedicated to offering spiritual, religious, moral and ethical support to Canadian Forces personnel and their families within the National Capital Region (NCR).  

The Military Chapel (Building 337) and Chaplain Office (Building 469) are located in Uplands at the intersection of Breadner Blvd and DeNiverville Pvt.  

  • Sunday Services are held at 09:30 (Protestant denominations) and 11:15 Roman Catholic (Mass).

  • Other Multi-Faith rooms are available within the NCR and can be booked

Please call the Chaplain Services Office Manager at 613-998-3246 or email for details of these and other services.

Mailing Address:
Chaplain Services,
Uplands Building 469,
National Defence Headquarters,
101 Colonel By Drive,
Ottawa ON K1A 0K2.

Military Police Unit Ottawa

The Military Police Unit Ottawa provides security, policing, custodial and training support to the Canadian Forces and the Department of National Defence, in accordance with Federal and Provincial Law and CF regulations.


  • Police Platoon
  • Security Platoon
  • Firearms Registration
  • Pass Control


  • Military Police Detachment: Enquiry line 613-596-0124 or Emergency line 613-820-0123 (These numbers are available 24/7/365).


The mission of the CFSG(Ottawa-Gatineau) Operations Branch is to provide coordination of services related to Operations, Photo Section services, Military Police services and Training Support at Connaught Range and Primary Training Centre for the Canadian Forces serving in the NCR.

Services provided

  • Operations Center
  • Coordination of ops and local incremental taskings, Auxiliary Security Force
  • Coordination and assignment of Photo Section resources
  • Coordination requirements related to physical and information security and emergency preparedness

Connaught Range and Primary Training Centrer (CRPTC)

The CRPTC provides infrastructure and training support for Canadian Forces and cadet agencies in the National Capital Region and for specified national activities.


To provide infrastructure and training resources to CF units in the NCR, Cadet agencies and other specified national activities.

Infrastructure and training resources to CF units in the NCR:

Food services

Connaught Ranges provides feeding for a wide range of customers requiring meals on-site in the dining facilities or off-site dispersed (IE box lunches/hay boxes). It is requested that normal training/events be requested through Range Control within 10 working days; minor adjustments (numbers of people) will be accepted within 5 working days ( Monday to Friday ). The Connaught kitchen works on a JIT (Just in Time delivery) system for staffing & food preparation. Emergency food requests are handled immediately within the capabilities of the kitchen facility.

Requests for special functions

Christmas dinners, luncheons, BBQ's etc require a minimum of 10 working days and are financially recovered fully as per the local market economy.


To reserve any of Connaught's facilities call Range Control at:

Telephone: 613-991-5740

Fax: 613-998-4912


CRPTC Bookings please call the Training Instructor at 613-991-1934.

Personnel Development (PDev) Ottawa

Personnel Development (PDev) is located in Building 5 East, 1st Floor, Q-12, Carling Campus. PDev offers a variety of services to CAF members within the National Capital Region and OUTCAN in relation to in-service selection, education reimbursement and transition.

  1. In-Service Selection:  The Director Military Careers Policy and Grievances 5 (DMCPG 5) is responsible for the administration of the Reg F In-Service Selection (ISS) and Education Programs, as well as Component Transfers (CT) into the Reg F. If you wish to learn more about ISS programs including Occupation Transfers, Commissioning, and special employment, we encourage members to discuss their plans with their chain-of-command and to contact PDev to speak with a PSO to answer any questions or concerns. 
  2. Transition Services:  PDev offers support to members who will be experiencing a transition out of the military to civilian life with their vocational rehabilitation plan. We ask that any members requiring transition services to contact us at our positional mailbox:
  3. Second Career Assistance Network (SCAN): SCAN seminars are conducted virtually and we invite members to consult our webpage for our events schedule and registration process:
    Members also have access to the information with the SCAN online:
  4. Education Reimbursement Claims:  PDev processes ILP and CAF SDP claims. If you have a claim, please submit to the PDev positional mailbox


Personnel Support Programs (PSP)

PSP offers current information intended for you and your family while living in the National Capital Region, including programs, services and community events offered by PSP Ottawa.

Public Affairs

CFSG(O-G) Public Affairs team is primarily responsible for establishing and maintaining a clear, timely and pertinent flow of information to approximately 22,000 military and civilian employees within the National Capital Region. Our internal communication framework gives DND organizations in the NCR a wide variety of tools that can be tailored for their specific communication needs.

In addition to our internal communication effort, CFSG(O-G) Public Affairs team is there to provide PA advice to the Commandant. Specifically, conducting crisis management, media relations, and imagery services, as well as providing advice and guidance to our stakeholders such as the Employees of the Non-Public Funds of the CAF.

Services provided


Royal Canadian Air Force Pipes and Drums

The Royal Canadian Air Force Pipes and Drums is Regular Force volunteer support band. The Band has approximately 40 members, all of whom are volunteers, drawn from all walks of military and civilian life.

The RCAF Pipes and Drums are available in varying levels of support. From a full parade band, a mini-band, drum line, or solo pipers, our primary mission is to provide musical support to the NCR and surrounding region.

We are also always looking for interested volunteers who would like to join our Band. All levels are welcome and instruction is provided.


All inquiries can be sent to:


The Central Band of the Canadian Armed Forces

The Central Band of the Canadian Armed Forces, under the direction of Captain Catherine Norris, is one of six full-time Regular Force military bands in the Canadian Armed Forces. The band provides professional music support for a large number of Canadian Armed Forces, Department of National Defence and Government of Canada events throughout the National Capital Region. Dressed in the uniform of the Royal Canadian Air Force, this unit supports all elements of the Canadian Armed Forces and falls under the command of the Commandant of the Canadian Forces Support Group Ottawa-Gatineau. Ensembles routinely generated from within the Central Band include:

  • Concert Band: a large, 35-piece, full concert ensemble
  • Parade Band: a military marching band for military ceremonies, tattoos and public parades
  • Jazz Combo: a small jazz ensemble for more intimate dinners and receptions
  • Serenade of Strings: a string quintet including piano featuring a more classically oriented sound
  • Spitfire Brass Quintet
  • Chinook Woodwind Quintet
  • Aurora Clarinet Quartet
  • Cormorant Chamber Trio: for more intimate settings

Central Band of the Canadian Armed Forces Command Team

  • Commanding Officer and Director of Music: Captain Catherine Norris, CD
  • Band Senior Warrant Officer: Master Warrant Officer Matthew McCrady, CD

For booking inquiries contact CBCAF Operations:

Please include in your request:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Nature of event


The National Defence Headquarters Library

Please note that NDHQ library services are not open to the general public.

For members of the Canadian Forces posted to the National Capital Region and Public Servants working for the Department of National Defence within the NCR, please refer to the Defence Information Network for a list of services.


Library staff to make an appointment:

Technical Services


To provide quality, cost effective, and timely Technical Services support to DND units and NCR personnel in the areas of ground transportation, material traffic and electrical mechanical engineering.


To be recognized and respected within the NCR for excellence in transportation, maintenance, supply and ammo management.


  • Chief Clerk at 613-998-9486

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