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The Canadian Forces Housing Agency, CFHA, was established 23 years ago. The goal then was to provide housing to military personnel, and, it still is today.

Today, CFHA is recognized as a federal expert in Crown residential housing. Our occupants are members of the Canadian Armed Forces, the CAF, along with their families.

We have over 27,000 occupants. 1 in 5 CAF members reside in our houses. CFHA is with them throughout their military journey. We understand the stress that moving can cause and our staff is there to assist them at a moment’s notice.

Each year, we facilitate the move of over six thousand families, across 27 Canadian bases and wings. The military community is at the heart of CFHA’s operations and commitments in support of CAF operations. We are there to support them.

Our projects range from house maintenance, to new construction and renovation of housing adapted to the needs of our occupants. Those investments have an impact not only on our military families but also in their communities.

In 2005, CFHA embarked on a journey of continuous improvement with Excellence Canada. In 2014, we attained EIW Silver Level certification, followed by Gold level certification in 2016, leading the Agency in being more agile, adaptable and responsive to DND’s needs. The Agency achieved the Platinum level certification in 2019.

We are committed to achieving a standard of service excellence within the Public Service in responding to our customer, client and stakeholder needs. We ensure quality management across our organization through the key drivers of success - our leadership, our customers, our people, our processes, and our planning.

We are proud of not only what we do, but how we do it. We evaluate our performance, both the results achieved and the means used to achieve them. We are a national organization, but we operate as one, with one vision. We all share the same passion for customer service.

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