Canadian Cadet General Order (CANCDTGEN)

Sea Cadet Centennial Celebrations

  1. The Royal Canadian Sea Cadets will celebrate their 100th Anniversary in 2018.  Throughout this year-long celebration to honour this important anniversary, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and the Navy League of Canada (NLC) will support the Sea Cadet Centennial (SCC) by promoting the celebrations through local, regional and national activities, events and various forms of recognition.

  2. This important anniversary will also offer extraordinary opportunities for Sea Cadets to reinforce their pride in the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet program and association with the CAF.

  3. In support of this important achievement, the NLC has produced a pin to honour all Sea Cadets within the Canadian Cadet Organizations.

  4. To mark this extremely important occasion, I have approved the wearing of the Sea Cadet Centennial (SCC) pin by all Canadian Sea Cadets starting 21 November 2017 and until the end of calendar year 2018.  Wearing this insignia during this special year is both a demonstration of support for a national youth program and a recognition for those past, current and future members of the program.

  5. The pin shall be worn only on the Sea Cadet tunic, centered 0.6 cm above the top of the left breast pocket. If medals/ribbons are worn, the pin will be centered 0.6 cm above the top of the medals/ribbons.

  6. The pins will be issued through the NLC Provincial Divisions and sent to the local sponsors for distribution to individual Sea Cadet Corps. 

  7. More information about the various events, activities and forms of recognition will be published through the Regional Cadet Support Units over the next few months.

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