Canadian Cadet General Order (CANCDTGEN)

Use of Private Motor Vehicles in support of Cadet Activities


  1. National Joint Council Travel Directive
  2. CJCR Gp Order 3020-1, Transportation Procedures
  3. CJCR Gp Order 5001-0, Supervision of Cadets
  1. The use of Private Motor Vehicles (PMV) in support of cadet activities, including the transportation of cadets and supplies must only be used when no other viable means of transportation is available. The preferred methods are:
    1. Department of National Defence (DND) owned vehicles;
    2. DND Rented Vehicles;
    3. vehicles rented directly by a Regional Cadet Support Unit (RCSU); and
    4. commercial transportation (i.e. commercial bus, Rail etc.).
  1. In the absence of any alternatives, the RCSU Commanding Officer (CO) may authorize the use of a Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) member’s or Civilian Instructor’s (CI’s) PMV in support of authorized activities. This authority will be given on a case-by-case basis, confirming that all other options are unavailable, and must adhere to the supervision policy, at reference C.
  2. Private motor vehicles used for Government of Canada (GC) business will, as a minimum, have basic insurance coverage, including the minimum Public Liability and Property Damage coverage required by the province/territory of registration of the vehicle. Vehicle owners are to verify with their insurance provider that their policy contains coverage for temporary use of the vehicle for business purposes, including when applicable, carrying passengers. If business use is not covered in a member’s insurance policy, they are required to purchase supplementary business insurance for the applicable period of government business travel/use.
  3. When authorized, the member must understand and acknowledge that:
    1. DND assumes no financial responsibility for private motor vehicles other than paying the kilometric rate and the supplementary business insurance premium, where required. DND is not responsible for reimbursing deductible amounts related to insurance coverage;
    2. private motor vehicles or other types of transportation used for the transport of cadets and equipment/material will have at least the minimum provincial / territorial / state / country insurance coverage of public liability and property damage;
    3. additional premium costs for public liability and property damage, collision and comprehensive coverage will be reimbursed for the applicable period, when supplementary business insurance is required; and
    4. must provide proof of insurance.
  1. Further direction and guidance regarding the transportation of cadets and equipment/material, in PMV, will be provided by the CJCR HQ, and will include an update to reference B.
  2. Questions can be directed to CJCR J4 at

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