10045 Annex A - Sample RTU Email

Cadets and Junior Canadian Ranger Group Order (CJCR Gp O)

To: CO 5 CRPG (CRPG hosting activity)
CO 4 CRPG (JCR's home CRPG)

Subject: RTU - JCR Rain Bear (4 CRPG)

PROTECTED B (if required)

Refs: A. Telecon Mrs. Paula Bear 03 Jul 20 (parent/guardian contact)
B. Telecon MCpl River Otter 03 Jul 20 (JCR Patrol Leader contact)

  1. The following JCR is being Returned to Unit:
    1. Name – JCR Rain Bear
    2. Address – 25 Ice Road, Blogginsville, BC
    3. Patrol – Blogginsville JCR Patrol
    4. Activity – NLETS
    5. Date of RTU – 04 Jul 20
    6. Travel – Commercial Air (Itinerary attached)
    7. Reason for RTU – Medical, recommended by Dr. Sal Monn (if medical, include name of medical professional who recommended RTU)
    8. CRPG Notified – Yes
    9. Patrol Leader Notified – Yes
    10. Remarks – Medtech Cpl R. Hawk will accompany JCR Bear. (This section includes additional details about travel, escort, or follow-up).
    11. Parent/Guardian notified – Yes
    12. Supporting Documents – Letter from Activity OPI (This section lists items such as the letter explaining the reason for RTU, a report on performance, etc.)
    13. Financial – JCR Bear has received her training bonus for the time she attended the activity.


S. Clydesdale, Capt (Activity OPI)
Junior Canadian Ranger Officer
5th Canadian Ranger Patrol Group

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