10061 Annex A - CRPG Human Resource Allocation

Cadets and Junior Canadian Ranger Group Order (CJCR Gp O)

CRPG Human Resource Allocation

1. The following baseline footprint constitutes the O&E framework and related mil pay envelope allocated to CRPGs as it pertains to CA responsibilities for the JCR Program:

  1. Full-time Class B positions:
    1. JCR Officer (JCR O);
    2. JCR Training Officer (JCR Trg O);
    3. JCR Regional PHASE Coordinator (RPC);
    4. JCR Coordination Support NCO;
    5. JCR Logistical Support NCO;
    6. JCR Administrative Support NCO; and
    7. JCR Instructors (at a ratio of one instructor per 5 patrols).

      Note 1: At least one position above to be filled by COATS CIC Officer (JCR O/JCR Trg O)
      Note 2: Rank, component, job title, etc are understood as asymmetric for each CRPG (actual allocation remains common across all CRPGs)

  2. Part-time Class A positions for Canadian Rangers (multiplied by number of JCR Patrols):
    1. JCR Patrol Leader; and
    2. JCR Patrol 2IC.

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