2040-2 Annex C - Terms of Reference – Regional Advisor

Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers Group Order (CJCR Gp O)


1. Regional Advisor (RA) is the COATS sub-component focal point within each region and acts as the voice for the professional concerns of COATS members.

2. The RA will have regular contact with the RCSU CO and COATS members by attending conferences, Cadet Training Centres, CIC training courses, and Regionally Directed Activities, in order to facilitate open lines of communication and to promote the NACC.

3. The RC will present issues raised by COATS sub-component members to the NACC and RCSU CO for discussion or action. When a decision is made by the RCSU CO, the NACC will be informed.


4. An RA is a COATS member who primarily provides Class “A” Reserve Service and is appointed by the RCSU CO.

5. The RCSU CO may be presented recommendations or publish an expression of interest for the position.

6. The RCSU J1 will review any qualified persons or those expressing an interest and provide a prioritized list to the RCSU CO for review.

7. An RA is held against the RA position on the RCSU establishment and is supported for pay and benefits by their home RCSU.


8. The appointment is for a period of three years, with a possibility of a one-year extension sanctioned by the RCSU CO in consultation with the NACC Chair. The term will not exceed four years.


9. The RA will serve in their substantive rank of LCol/Cdr or Maj/LCdr.


10. RAs must meet the following criteria:

  1. served in a COATS position in the past two years;
  2. have at least eight years COATS experience with three years as a successful corps/squadron CO;
  3. proactive in the COATS community; and
  4. has experience either as an Area Environmental Advisor, at an RCSU, or as a senior staff member at a CTC or Speciality Training Centre, or delivering CIC training.


11. An RA is responsible for:

  1. providing advice to the RCSU CO and NACC Chair on the COATS Military Employment Structure to ensure adequate skills and personnel development for the execution of the Cadet Program;
  2. recommending strategies and possible solutions for the recruitment, training, professional development, and retention of COATS members;
  3. fostering CIC Branch and COATS sub-component identity, relevance, and its role within the CAF;
  4. identifying challenges in terms of service for COATS members (i.e. enrolment, appointment, progression, promotion, transfer, or release);
  5. identifying compensation and benefits issues;
  6. providing dress and types of accoutrements and insignia changes and suggestions for authorized suppliers for accoutrement items to the Dress Committee;
  7. preparing an annual activity plan for approval by the RCSU CO;
  8. representing regional interests at NACC meetings;
  9. updating COATS members on NACC activities and national initiatives of the COATS sub-component through channels approved by the RCSU CO;
  10. liaising with and advising the RCSU CO on both regional and national COATS sub-component issues and
  11. promote the ethos, esprit de corps and overall professional identify of the CIC Branch and COATS sub-component.

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