2040-2 Annex D - Terms of Reference – COATS NCM Advisor

Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers Group Order (CJCR Gp O)


1. The COATS NCM Advisor will be the representative for COATS GS NCMs on the NACC.


2. The COATS NCM Advisor is a CWO/CPO1 who is nominated by an RCSU CWO/CPO1 and appointed by the Comd CJCR.


3. The appointment is for a period of three years, with a possibility of a one year extension. The term will not exceed four years.


4. The appointed COATS GS NCM will serve in their substantive rank CWO/CPO1.


5. The COATS GS NCM must meet the following criteria:

  1. served in a COATS position in the past two years;
  2. currently serving as an RCSU CWO/CPO1; and
  3. preferred experience either as an Area Environmental Advisor, at an RCSU, as a member at a CTC or Speciality Training Centre, or delivering CIC training.


6. The COATS NCM Advisor is responsible for :

  1. representing the personnel interests and issues of COATS GS NCMs at the national level;
  2. providing information on issues pertaining to COATS GC NCMs;
  3. completing applicable action items from NACC meetings.

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