7th Toronto Regiment, RCA

The official lineage of the 7th Toronto Regiment, RCA.



This Reserve Force regiment originated in Sarnia, Ontario on 1 April 1942, when the '31st (Reserve) Field Regiment, RCA' was authorized to be formed.Footnote 1 It was redesignated: '31st Field Regiment, RCA' on 1 April 1946;Footnote 2 '7th Field Regiment, RCA' on 11 May 1956;Footnote 3 '7th Field Artillery Regiment, RCA' on 12 April 1960;Footnote 4 '7th Toronto Regiment, RCA (M)' on 16 March 1965;Footnote 5 and '7th Toronto Regiment, RCA' on 1 January 1981.Footnote 7


No lineal connection with the '7th Toronto Regiment, RCA' formed in 1931 and disbanded in 1954 as 'Headquarters, RCA, 2nd Armoured Division'.


‘The Incorporated Artillery Company’

Headquarters Location

Toronto, Ontario

Allocated Batteries

  • 9th Field Battery, RCA
  • 15th Field Battery, RCA
  • 130th Field Battery, RCA

Operational history


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