HMCS Tecumseh

The official lineage of HMCS Tecumseh extant commissioned ship.




Sable an annulet Argent debruised with a panther crouching to spring Or.


The name "Tecumseh" is said to mean a panther crouching to spring, or a meteor, which was called by the Natives the panther of the sky. According to Ethel T. Raymond's Chronicles of Canada series, when Tecumseh was approaching manhood, he went into the forest alone to endure hardship and fasting, in order to prove himself worthy of becoming a brave. After days of hunger and roaming in the deep forest he threw himself exhausted at the side of a brook where he fell asleep and dreamed of a cluster of stars out of which there shot one brighter than the rest and with a shining tail. This flaming meteor which resembled a crouching panther ready to spring, recurred a number of times, and Tecumseh accepted this as his symbol and "the radiant guardian of his destiny." Tecumseh showed genius and bravery as a leader in uniting the various tribes from the South Mississippi into Canada to form a Confederacy which fought at the side of Britain. In recognition of this, the annulet or circle is introduced into the design to suggest the unity that he achieved amongst the tribes.


IN PACE BELLUM PARA (In peace prepare for war)


Black and Gold

Battle Honours



First of Name

  • Shore establishment.
  • Naval Reserve Division, Calgary, Alberta.
  • Commissioned as a tender to HMCS Naden 1 November 1941.Footnote 1
  • Recommissioned as an independent shore establishment 1 September 1942.Footnote 2

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